Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Confession Wednesdays

As much as I love having my boys with a little gap in between I have a confession to make. 

Sometimes I wish the gap between them was a lot less. 


Let me explain. 
Steven is at a stage in life where he thinks that he knows it all and he's never wrong. I wonder what the teenage year will bring. He wants to do whatever he wants and wants nothing to do with arts and craft projects or coloring. Whereas AJ, well that little peanut even when he's saying no to everything he still enjoys doing anything and everything you put in front of him. Most time anyways. 

They both have different interest at their specific age and I'm finding that hard to keep up with. I'm sure it has a lot to do with my time management and priorities. I do have to cook and clean and make lunches so the little bit of time left is critical on whatever we do. How do I meet both of their needs? So I've been thinking. It has to be the age thing right? If they were closer in age they might have similar interest. 

It makes me sad to think of the very likely possibility of a similar gap with future children. I'm getting ahead of myself I know but I can't help but to think about it. I'm thankful for the relationship my two boys have developed over the last 21 months. They were meant to be each other sibling and maybe the gap is not that big of a deal and I'm just being a little selfish wanting things to be a little easier for my own sake. 

Yet I simply wonder how things would be if they were closer in age. I guess I shouldn't wonder too much because if the tables were to turn I could find myself wondering how things would be if such gap did exist.  :-/

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