Friday, January 6, 2012

Green, Green, Green...

Purple, Purple, Purple. There's a story behind these colors.

Most days I leave work drained. Especially after working 3 days in a row all consisting of 12 hours overnight shifts. And when over 20 babies decide to be born those days and give me a work for my money, well those days I get home exhausted!

Some days however I leave work with my son in mind. Anticipating the look on his face when I tell him I'll be taking him to school. That face makes staying up a few extra hours so worth it. On my exhausted days I usually get home and prepare him for school then my friend picks him up and feeds him breakfast at her house as she gets her daughter ready and fed. I usually pick him and my friend's daughter up when school's out or his father does when he gets out of work early giving me an extra hour of sleep. I love him! Them!

As I get him ready for school we talk about what he did the night before after I left for work. We play easy, quick, fun games. We make breakfast together. And not often but on occasion he cries because he doesn't want to go to school. He buries his head on my lap and tells me that "school is boring, his teacher is boring, and his friends are boring" and that he missed me and he wants to stay home with me. On those days we talk about the importance of school. He always talks about how he wants to be a doctor so I use that on my talks to him. I ask him how does he expect to became a doctor if he doesn't go to school and learn. Our conversations can go for hours if I let him lol but at the end he always ends up in a happy mood and ready to learn in school.

So why the color title of this post do you ask?

Well. His teacher gives the students a color and marks it on their take home folder at the end of every day so that we may know how their day was. He often writes small comments as well. There are 4 colors. Red, Yellow, Green, and Purple. Red being a really bad day, misbehaving, and purple being a very good day, an overachiever. Every day after school he'll come home and tell us the color he got but only if it was a good color. If the color is red or yellow he won't say anything until we ask him. Then we go on to talk about why he got those colors and what he would of done differently to get a better color.

Several weeks ago I dropped him off at school and as he was walking through the door I noticed he had a sad face on so I yelled "Green, Green, Green!" to cheer him up not expecting for him to turn around with a lit up face and yell back "Purple, Purple,Purple!". My heart was filled with so much happiness I can't even begin to explain it. I smiled the entire way home replaying that small scenario over and over in my head and remembering the teachers' smiles that were standing outside letting the kids in. Knowing that my son won't settle for just good but to overachieve reassures me that I've been doing a pretty good job as a parent these last 5 and 1/2 years. That right there makes me a proud mommy.

Ever since then every morning that I take him to school I say green green green as he walk through the doors and he may or may not turn around but he'll say purple purple purple right back. Today was my 4th day in a row working but as I think of my 3 day weekend ahead I also look forward on taking my baby boy to school this morning.

Good Friday morning y'all!

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