Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcoming 2012

The last week of 2011 was Awesome!!!

Sister-in-law was in town with the family and we just had an amazing time from eating at different restaurants to visiting different lounges at night. It was great! We haven't been out in awhile and spending this alone time together and with another mature couple was even better.

New Years Eve was went things started going downhill. First our place filled with sewage water. Eeww... so we had to change our reservations at the Hibachi Restaurant. Then DH was not happy with his outfit. We ended up arriving 45 minutes late for our reservation and when we got there the place was so overcroweded it was ridiculous! Lucky for us we want to sit at a private table not the Hibachi so we didn't wait long. Afterwards I got upset with everyone at the table because it was like they were ignoring me. I was being excluded from every conversation. I felt it coming more from SIL. For some reason every time she's around her younger brother, who's 21, they both start acting weird with me. Like if they are annoyed by my presence for whatever reason.

After dinner I didn't even feel like going out anymore. We had plans to go to Melt, a very nice lounge, and have a few drinks and a good time while we waited for the new year to arrive. I couldn't take their rudeness anymore and I got up heading to the restroom only to find everyone mad when i returned and SIL with an attitude because I had a "stank face" like she called it. Well no f'ing shit! How would you feel if you were ignored all night. Needless to say that we decided to go home instead of Melt.

When we get outside we find we have a flat tire. Seriously???!!

We try to make it to the nearest gas station but we failed. We didn't make it far at all so we pulled in to a parking lot. The guys had to change the tire 1 hour before midnight, in the dark, in the cold, and to top it off in their dressy attire lol. As I stood there watching them and freezing my ass I couldn't help but to laugh at the situation we found ourselves in just minutes before welcoming 2012. Right there in that very corner against that long wall I just laughed out loud to myself and accepted reality with a smile on my face and of course a couple pictures lol.

We then headed home and everyone went their own way.

DH and I just relaxed in our room watching a movie while waiting for our son to get home from church. He spent new years with his grandmother at church.

That's how my year ended. Totally different from what what we had planed but I just loved my attitude about it and that's how I knew 2012 was a year of changes for me. Good changes.

I hope you all had a better end of year then I did and let's all welcome 2012 with a big smile on our faces and a great attitude about any situation you might have found yourself in.

Happy 2012!!!

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