Friday, January 20, 2012

Back to school

Tuesday of this week was the first day of classes for me. I was a bit excited to start but only because it means it'll be over soon. Really I promise. I feel like I've been in school forever.

I wasn't the perfect student in high school but I graduated with pleasant grades. And I always wanted to go to college to better myself and to make my parents proud but after getting pregnant at 18 everything got harder. I'm thankful that I was in a committed relationship and that my son's father was a good man and didn't leave me alone with a package. Not that my son is a package that's just a figure of speech.

After giving birth I decided to go back to school and work part time. I got certified as a medical secretary and I quickly landed a job at one of the biggest hospital in the area, which by the way is hard to get into for some reason.

15 months later I was set on becoming a Diagnostic Sonographer so I started the journey taking a late-start online class at a local community college on fall of '08. The following semester I took 2 classes and so on and so forth. Fall of '09 I found my true calling, to be a Registered Nurse. Lucky for me I had taken general classes that would transfer over to this degree without any issues. I just needed 5 sciences and a Math class. Perfect! And so that journey began.

2011 came along and applying to the 2 year nursing program wasn't guaranteeing me a spot for spring of 2012 due to the amount of nursing student that apply and to the fact that only 30 or less get accepted. I got ambitious and decided to transfer over to a university to obtain my BSN. Of course that meant I had more general classes to take but with my sciences out of the way it was going to be a breeze. The thing was that I wouldn't start nursing clinical until fall of 2013. Omg Seriously! And that's not even the worse part. The worse part is that I won't be graduating until 2016. Can you feel my frustration? That means it will take me 8 years to complete my BSN to work as a Nurse in a hospital or anywhere. It also means I'll have to put my life on hold until I'm 29 years old. That's not even fair. I'm so stress and unmotivated right now. Do you blame me?

Many times I've decided to go back to my first choice, sonography, but that's not my true calling. I really want to be a nurse and help patients get better and provide good care for them but will all of this be worth it? I've heard mixed feelings from every nurse I've ask. Some hate their jobs and do not recommend it while others love it so much they say go for it. So what do I do?

Well I've decided to stick it out. Is not like I hate my current job. The pay is ok. The benefits are great and the hubby's income is perfect to support us even if I had to stop working for a few years to finish my education which at this point it doesn't really make a difference because no matter what school I go to it will take 3 years to finish my degree whether I'm working or not.

Ok so this turned into a vent instead of just telling you how my first week of classes was. Sorry.

This semester I'm taking 4 classes. 2 online and 2 on campus because I plan on talking the summer off for some adventures and projects we have planned. Plus it seems that it will all work out fine for us. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and I can totally see the benefits behind this. And so what if I graduate at age 29 that's still young. There are people that don't start college until 30+ and they're ok. Of course their reasons might vary but 30 is still young in my eyes. And most importantly I am not settling, I'm going to climb till I've reached the mountain top :) plus this will be a perfect example for my younger sisters and our kids.

Anything is possible even if it takes it a little longer. Never give up on your dreams. Don't settle if you know you are capable of archiving more. And most importantly always have faith and never lose hope.

Good Night.


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