Friday, January 27, 2012

Let's talk babies

For the past year the husband and I have been talking babies. He wants more. So does our son. Our son says he wants 2, meaning twins I'm assuming?, a boy and a girl but he wants the boy to come out first. He even picked out names lol. So right now in my house there are 2 against one.

I can understand where our son is coming from. He's going on 6 and is the only child. He has a female cousin he hardly sees and a male cousin that lives across the country and they are both under the age of 2. He feels alone and wants siblings. I totally get it. Not to mention that he keeps getting older and it will only get harder between him and other siblings as they grow older since their age difference will be significant.

On my husband's side, he says he's ready to continue on with completing the family. We agreed on having a total of 3 children. And we wanted to have them all by age 30 leaving us with 5 years to carry and birth 2 more. His argument is that he wants a little girl and that our son is lonely. He is financially stable and has his career started which, with God's help, it should be improving with the coming years. We're confident.

As for me, I've given serious thought to the idea of getting pregnant again and every time school puts my plans on hold. Is already hard enough to juggle a home, husband, school, work, and a 5 year old let alone a newborn. However, recently I've been thinking about it more and more. If I wait until I finish school at 29 to have more kids our son will be 10 years old and I'm sure there will be other things preventing me from going on with it.

What I'm trying to say is that there is never a "right time" to have babies and you can never be too well prepare. Things happen and when they do they usually happen for the best. It also doesn't help that I work with newborn babies and I go through baby fever from time to time.

Now, this is only the first month of the year and every year I set goals or "resolutions" for the new year even before the year starts. This year for some reason I don't have any official ones. Maybe is because I cant set goals of my own anymore, I'm a married woman now :). We do know however that we want to pay some bills we have, fill up our savings a bit more, and start the house buying process by late spring/early summer. We hope it goes smooth for us and that we have our home by the end of the year but if it doesn't happen we won't be mad as long as we are in the process of it.

For the past year we've been using a natural method of birth control that doesn't require prescriptions, etc. and so far it has worked for us. Now we've decided to go for it. Yup you read right. We are going to make a baby. Holy mother I cannot believe I just wrote that!

After more thoughts on the subject and after my school frustration on this post we've decided to stop our natural method and let things happen as they should even more naturally. We are hoping to get pregnant in the spring that way we'll have 8ish months to find our home before the arrival of baby #2.

Will it work out like that? Who knows. Am I scare shit less at the outcome and worry on how it will be with 2 kids? Hell yea. Will we give it our all? You bet.

Note to self: be sure to eat up that sushi tonight and drink up those mojitos because come Monday it will only be water, gym, and prenatal vitamins. Yikes!

Happy Friday!


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  1. Awww Pam, a baby!!! This is so exciting, I will cross my fingers for you to have a twin pregnancy! love you!