Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reminiscing is good for the soul

Or at least in my opinion it is.

A couple of weeks ago a friend posted a link of a list of "40 things that will makes you feel old" that was circulating the web. I meant to post it here right that same day but it didn't happen. Coming across it again on some blogs that I follow I decided to post it. After all maybe in another 10 years or so another list will be made and we can use this one to compare the changes right?

When was the last time you saw a floppy disk? I didn't get this one at first and after I did I couldn't stop laughing for not realizing it the first time around. Or when was the last time you saw a movie on VCR? My goddaughter actually has the Disney Movies Collection in tapes.

The ages of the Back Street Boys and Spice Girls. WOW... how crazy lol. I remember knowing every one of their songs. It's pretty cool to know the Ruggrats were the same age as me back then and now. I used to love that show. How about Boy Meets World? That was definitely my all time favorite show. I loved Topanga's hair and did you know that they still give episodes on ABC family? I saw it the other day as I browsed through the channels and I had to stop and watch it lol.

Ooh the days of dancing to Sisco's songs with my friends at home... hahaha priceless!

I definitively had a laugh with the things on this list. And a reality check with my age and the age of the Pepsi girl and Macaulay Culkin, Clarissa. OMG. lol.

What crossed your mind after seeing this list? What do you remember the most? The least?

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  1. A bunch of my friends posted that list on fb a couple of weeks ago! It did make me feel old :)