Thursday, December 31, 2015

Farewell 2015

can't even begin to describe what kind of year 2015 has been. So many ups, so many down, and so many in between moments occurred but I'm thankful to have made it through the year with my health and sanity intact. More than anything 2015 was a year of growth. Personal growth. I have learned so much about me, life, and people around me that I only see it fitting to take all that I have learned this year and apply it to 2016. 

I don't know what this coming year has in store for me but I look forward to the challenge, the adventures, the frustrations, the success, the happiness, the tears, the joy, and everything else that it will bring. This year I will embrace and welcome with open arms all that is to come, the good and the bad. 

Adios, 2015. You were good to me but I'm ready for 2016 :) 

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