Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A reunion kind of weekend

Earlier this year my dear friend Tatiana messaged me saying that she was taking a trip up north with her littles. She wanted us to get together to catch up on life and reminisce on the good ol' days. Tatiana and I met when I was in 10th grade. She's two years older than me but I think she was an 11th grader. I remember exactly how we first exchanged words. I walked in on the first day of cooking class and the classroom was semi full. I looked around the room and didn't recognized anyone, not to mention that they were all mostly guys. Then sitting on the table right by the door was this very pretty girl. Best part was that she looked Hispanic so I gravitated toward her and sat on the same table as I said Hi. And the rest is history. Literally. 


We hit it off very well and ended up in cosmetology class together too later in the our rotations. Cosmetology was the class where I became part of a group for the first time ever. Six girls from different backgrounds that would be my best friends throughout high school and beyond. Later that year Tatiana got married with her military boyfriend and moved to Germany. I was still very ignorant to marriage at such early age and worried for her yet I didn't know her well enough to understand her reasons and give my opinion on the matter. Whether it was "true" love or not. We agreed on staying in touch but I honestly doubted that would happen and I carried on with my life. 

A couple of months later My mom gives me a message that a friend called. She was calling from Germany so she had called me during school hours and she had told my mom that she would try again later. They agreed on a specific time for Tatiana to try. And just like she said she did and by 8pm that night I was talking to her. I was happy to be talking to her but a little surprised because I never thought that I would be talking to this girl again. Is crazy how I remember these things. 


Well about two years later, my senior year in high school, Tatiana came back home and we reconnected. The best moments of my early twenties were spent with this girl. She divorce her military husband and her new boyfriend at the time hit if off great with my boyfriend then now turned husband. That meant that we did many things together. From clubbing to trips to Virginia while we were both pregnant to trips to OCMD with our littles. It hasn't been a easy life for my dear friend but I am so proud of her and so happy that she's happy now. Seeing her again felt just like old times except that she's in her 30s and I'm not far behind. 

Fast forward to April 2016


That Friday night she came over my house and we sat and chit chatted over a glass of wine. Then my mom got home and we went out for a little dancing. We met with our other friend, Zoila and her husband, and I kid you not it was just like old times minus Tatiana's hubby. I can't speak for them but I had an amazing time. Although I felt a little guilty for being where I was we had an entire area to ourselves where we didn't even have to go on the dance floor at all. From here we headed over to the diner and made plans to get together with the kiddos the next day. 


I cannot believe how many kids have been born since then. Adding another girlfriend of ours and my foster child there are 12 kids between us all. Looks like we were pretty busy the last 11 years hahaha. 

These girls. They bring fun into my life. They know me. They understand me. They accept me. And I love them for that. We might not live near, well 3 of us do, but we definitely don't talk as often as we should and you know what it's ok. Because if we are able to get together and pick up right were we left off that means we are true friends and there aren't many of those anymore. 


There's a special story between each one of these girls and I. I love that I get to still have them be part of my life today. Thank you girls for showing me the meaning of true friendship, life without you wouldn't be the same. 

I love you! xoxo


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