Monday, May 9, 2016


Oh April, you were awesome! 


Still with the kitchen reno but this month involved picking the finishing touches. From the floor tiles, granite counter tops, mosaic back splash, and wall paint color it was all very fun and challenging at the same time. I'm glad that everything flows great together though and I look forward to showing you all the process details with lots of pictures.  

With AJ being done with daycare we did a lot of bonding. Our morning consisted of dancing our way to the unfinished kitchen and trying to make breakfast with the little space and dishes we had. More park outings, playing dress up, coloring, and learning our ABCs. This little guy is such a character and so much fun to hang out with. Except on the days where he has his tantrums and there were quite the few. This month I came to the conclusion that I didn't have as much patience as I thought I did and he definitely challenged me on my parenting skills. Although I did lose my cool more times than I'd like to admit I'm happy to report that I've gotten better at it. I think my patience did increase a bit more and I'm finding myself being more tolerable at his mischiefs as well as understanding why and when he does what he does. Most times is just from being over tired while others he's just testing me and us both getting used to this new routine.



Baseball season is upon us and I'm happy to report that I have made almost every game since it started. Last year I missed a lot of games because of my 12 hour shifts and although in April I was still working 12 hours most of the games fell on days I had off. Sadly my child is not any better than last year, but he is trying harder and he gets credit for that. Like his brother, Steven challenges me at every opportunity and that is something I often have a hard time with because I don't want to be looked at as the "bad cop", I want to be the "cool mom".  I've said it before but boy do I fear the teen years.



A date night with the hubby that ended up in a fight. Keeping it real people, not everything is sweet as  cotton candy on these parts.


Lots of quality time spent with the boys this month. We went out bowling, to the drive-in theater to watch the Jungle Book, and several times we headed out for frozen yogurt after dinner. It sure has been a nice way to transition into the warmer weather, and the boys are very happy about it all.



We got to spend some time with my favorite girls, my nieces. I can't believe how big and gorgeous they have gotten. It's always so much fun having them around.



Another birthday celebration consisting of a family dinner turned game night. A always so much fun!



A fun thrifting date with my cousin who is soon to be married followed by a Happy Hour stop. We always have fun when we're together. Never did I imagine growing up that this girl and I would become so close later in life. Cheers! to family :)



Lots of money was spent buying school supplies from books to uniform to stethoscope to shoes and everything else you can possibly think of. You spend so much time trying to get into nursing school to then be accepted and realized you go broke soon after starting and then wanting so badly for all of it to be over so that you can try and have a normal life again. Or so I hear ;)  #thestruggles

I was also forced to re take and pay for my CPR renewal even though I still had a year left on my current card. 


Lastly, the biggest highlight of the month was having my high school friend flight in from Florida for a week and meeting up to catch up on life. We don't talk as often as we should but being together those couple of days sure was fun and an opener, we are definitely not 23 years old anymore hahaha.


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