Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just because I love you.

This past weekend the hubs came home with beautiful lilies for me. He left them in front of the TV so that when I wake up they were the first thing I saw. Of course that I didn't wake up before he came home. I woke up after he did so I didn't notice the lilies until my son said "did you like daddy's surprise?" and pointed at the lilies. I felt so bad that I didn't noticed it earlier :(

Fast forward to today. This morning I get home from work and see a piece of paper on the floor. I just picked it up and put it on the dresser thinking my son must had been "practicing" his writing skills. Ever since he discovered words and drawing that's the only things he'll do. Write and draw. Anyways, so I left the paper alone, got him dressed, and sent him to school. When I woke up I called the hubby and and he asked me if I had seen the note my son left me. I was a bit confused but after a little while I put two and two together. The paper I found on the floor was a note from my son to me. It must of have fallen overnight.

This is what the note said.

Translation according to my 5 years old: Pamela just because I love you too. I love my mom I love my puppy.

This made my day. He is sooo sweet. When he's dad got me the lilies he left a note that said "just because I love you". My son wanted to tell me that he loves me too and he also loves his puppy lol. This is definitely going on a frame in my room for ever! My first note from my baby boy :).

What a great way to start the month!


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