Friday, March 30, 2012

Things are happening...

And I'm liking it :).

For starters we got a house!!!! I know. Totally out of the blue yet so exciting!

A few months ago the hubby and I had decided to start house searching. Not to buy just yet. More to see our options and workout a budget ect. We've always said we wanted to build a house to our liking though we weren't sure where to build. Come on, at 25 you don't really know for sure if you want to spend the rest of your life in a certain city. Or maybe you do. In our case we weren't sure. I like PA and would not mind staying in a near by city from our home town but I admit that I wouldn't want to live in our home town for forever. So our plan was to buy a house in the area, develop more our careers, save as much as we can, and make a decision on where to build.

Well things changed drastically very fast. Is a long story and nothing that you would find amusing so bottom line is that we were gifted a house. Yup, simple as that. Steven's mother owned two houses. She was renting one of them to her sister for like 10+ years and early this month her sister bailed on her without notice. She didn't want to deal with finding tenants or putting it on the market for sale so she gave it to her son, my husband.

It all works out for us too. The mortgage is super affordable. The house is not in bad shape at all. Just some painting, ok maybe a lot of painting, carpet removal, some windows replacement, and a few minor fixes. Not to mention the location is Awesome and the neighborhood is not bad whatsoever. My aunt actually lived next door to his aunt for a few years about a year ago so I know the area well. Plus this would allow us to put away a reasonable amount until we are ready to build and we won't feel like we wasted money buying an expensive home where we would stay in for 10 years tops. I've always said that in my 30s is when my life will truly begin so I wasn't expecting to build a house before 30 anyways and while still in school. Too much stress if you ask me.

There are some things we have to give up though since you know, we got the house for free. Sort of. Like we wanted a single home or at least a double and this one is a row home. The basement is not finished or not even started. The backyard is relatively small. Although big enough for rear parking and some grilling in the warmer months. Is not my favorite part of the house but is workable plus the front porch makes up for it. I always wanted a big porch and this house has one. :) Yayyyy!

My favorite things in the house are the kitchen. It is big! Lots of space and storage area. The front porch of course. The amount of closets throughout the house. The basement that although is not finished it has potential for it to be turned into something wonderful. And other little things.

I'm really excited about this. The end of 2011 turned into a living hell for me and by the looks of it 2012 seems to be wanting to make up for it and honestly lol.

I get that home ownership is not the easiest road but I'm actually excited to grow, learn, and experience it all. We already started fixing the small things and I think we will begin painting next week. We plan to be moved in by the end of April or even middle of May. We have to see how much and how fast we can work before moving all of our stuff in the new house. I will be doing some post about the projects outcomes and posting some pictures but it probably won't be until late April or late May.

Welcome to yet another journey my married life is taking me on. I look forward to the adventures headed our way. Or should I?


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