Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friends~ Girls Night

The last weekend in February I hosted a girls night at my place. I only invited a few friends because I honestly dislike hosting a party/get together and have 10% of the invitees show up. It drives me insane! Solution? Don't host anything. Simply as that.

I've been wanting to meet up with friends and catch up. And that day finally arrived. As well as another thing to add to my 101 in 1001 list before checking it off. #

I've always admires those groups of friends that know each other since like Pre K. Or those from high school that are still friends and even those from college. Because believe it or not the people you meet in college are the ones that seem to stay in your life longer.

I have 1 friend, Yessenia, since the 5th grade. We were bestest friends, inseparable you can say, then throughout the years we had some indifference and unfortunately we drifted apart. We are still friends but given that we stopped talking for about 2-3 years of our lives and at the time that was most crucial we missed out A LOT! in each others life so I have to admit that things will never be the same between us. Being aware of that we still try and maintain the friendship because no matter what happened in the past I value her friendship.

Then I have my girl friends from high school. Yadeline, Tatiana, Zoila, and Maret, among others but these are my closest ones. The ones I talk to on a regular basis and the ones that I pray stay in my life forever. I have a special history and bond with each and everyone of them. Best part is that they each have their own history together making our little circle so unique. Zoila I actually met two years ago and if you was to see us you wouldn't be able to tell. It looks like we've friends since the womb. She is definitely a ride and die friend :) I'm glad to have had the pleasure of having her be part of my life these last couple of years. Tatiana and Maret I met during cosmetology class in the 10th grade. Tati got married young and left to Germany with her husband. Thankfully she kept in touch and we grew so close that we even had our kids around the same time. Maret and I lost touch a few times but we always found each other and this time I'm not letting her get away. She's going to have to try very hard lol. Yadeline. My sweet Yade is my ROCK. God knew exactly what he was doing when he put her in my path. I will hold on tight to her. Friends like her are hard to find and I won the lottery with her :)

I also have my college friends. My most recent friends. These girls are awesome and I love the part of our lives that we are sharing with each other. This is a roller coaster experience that will never be forgotten. Jen, Mia, and Jessica. I can wait to see what the future holds for us.

The first six girls were the ones I invited to the girls night. Yade was unable to make it because that was 2 days before her due date (yes she is, or rather was, pregnant) and she lives about an hour away which made her hubby a bit uncomfortable being away from his very pregnant wife at this point in her pregnancy. Yesi was also unable to make it due to baby sitting issues. She has 3 kids so just imagine how hard it is finding care for all of them.

The other four were able to make it and boy did we have fun :) just like old times. Our talks were awesome and the food I made was a hit! I was running late a bit and I failed at the picture taking part because I wanted to treasure every minute with them. We will reunite next Friday to celebrate my birthday and I promise to get more and better pictures then. For right now my memory will have to do and the smile on my face thinking about these girls is priceless. I will def make an effort to see them more often not just talking on the phone and texting.

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
- Anais Nin


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  1. Aww q lindas palabras q dedicates a todas nosotras..Thank you my love thats is so nice of u future Pa ser una escritora profesional :)