Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I got a Mac!

I finally did it. I bought me a Mac :)

I've been wanting one for a while now. However, I couldn't justify the expense when I had a desktop and small laptop of my own along with hubby's laptop. When my laptop kept freezing/dying on me I stopped getting it fixed. Those $75 every month was adding up. Then my desktop was soooo slow! All-the-time! I don't get why either because I cleaned the crap out if it. I saved all my docs and pics and erased them from it. And our Internet is pretty fast so I don't know what was the deal there. I just knew I couldn't take it much longer especially with my online classes. So I decided to get a new laptop and why not just go for what I wanted. I was already planning in getting it next year. A few months earlier wasn't going to hurt. Right?! So I went to the Apple store and walked out with a MacBook.

So far I haven't gotten the change to really explore it like I want because I've been so busy. I only log in for what I need and log right off. There are def some things I don't quite understand how to do yet so I need to get myself into gear soon. But for now I'm pleased with my purchase :)

That's all folks. You see, there's more than a baby in the oven going on in my life right now ;)

Sweet Dreams!

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