Friday, October 26, 2012

Past Halloween Costumes

I've been pretty unsteady when it comes to posting holidays posts this year. Hopefully with all the time on my hands I'll have starting next month it'll get much better. For now let's reminisce on past Halloween outfits.

What brought the walk down memory lane? Well for starters looking for something to wear this weekend (which btw I found the cutest thing!) Then going through my Facebook pictures and seeing my baby boy's outfits through the years. 2010 was my favorite :). That outfit really inspired me to try my hands at making his costumes every year from now on until, well you know, he tells me to stop. Unfortunately last year we didn't do anything for Halloween, his choice. We did use his Superman costume from before though and took him to Dorney Park for their hallo-weekends activities etc. And this year I've been lazy, more on this year outfits later. Next year though should be fun with a new kid on the block ;)

So lets take a look shall we.

Halloween 2007 

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2009

2009: He was Spiderman and Batman lol

Halloween 2010


Halloween 2011


2012 costumes will be coming soon! :)


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