Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hungers Game Book 1


That's exactly what I said when I finished the book. Although I have to admit that the only reason I read this book was because of peer pressure. I kept hearing everyone raving about it and I gave in. Just like twilight. I like the girlie books, specially the romance ones. So these books have definitely expended my horizons.

This book was an attention grabber from the first chapter. I couldn't put it down. That explains why I read the whole thing in 2 1/2 day. It was just that good. Now I need to go watch the movie. I can't wait to see if it meets my expectations. So far I see that it is 2+ hours long so that's good. I think. Right? Not to mention that some people are saying is not good to take young kids to watch it because some scenes are just too violent. Which in my mind I'm thinking that's good as well because that just mean that they are really going by the book's descriptions. As I read it I tried to maintain a visual image of the scenes which wasn't hard at all. There was only one part I wasn't content with and that was the part where she fought that one girl, Clove, at the feast. I won't spoil it for others and maybe I just didn't visualized it as I should have so I'll have to wait to watch the movie to really judge it.

I'll most likely go watch it during the weekend and drag the hubby along. I'm sure he'll like all the action. If I don't become to desperate and go at noon tomorrow ;).

Either way I can't wait to read the second and third book and if you haven't read these books yet I say go for it. You have no idea what you are missing ;).


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