Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Productive Weekend

This weekend felt very short yet we managed to do so much in just 2 days. Here is how it all went down.

-I worked a 12 on Friday night.
-Saturday morning after work I stopped by my moms to talk to my sister about her new job at a nursing home.
-went home and took a 1.5 hour nap
-went riding with Steven (my first time on a motorcycle. Actually 2nd) yup I did it. Post coming later on.
-ran lots of errands while on the bike. Like stopped at several stores to get prices on certains things we need for the house, went to the mall, and made a quick stop at the new house to decide what was going to be done on Sunday.
-had t-ball practice with Steven jr
-got dolled up to attend a wedding and bb shower
-had a great time at both places
-got home after 2am.
-on Sunday we got up at 9 and left to the new house @12is
-Sanded and painted the entry way and living room. Finished installing the electric heaters (everything was oil before) it sounds little in that amount of time but the living room and dining room are connected so the one wall is very long. That section of the house is just plain big. You'll see what I mean in pictures later in May.
-got home @9p and hit the bed till Monday at 1p. I was beat! And sleep deprived.
-woke up with a migraine that lasted all of Monday. And still have it right now. I'm at work and feel like crying. But I hate calling out.

Yup that sums up my super short/productive weekend.


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