Monday, April 23, 2012

Lancaster Weekend Getaway

I have 2 post that are long overdo. Our B&B weekend getaway in Lancaster, PA and my birthday week recap. These post should be up by this week the latest. I Promise.

On Friday March 2nd I got out of work like usual. I went home and again did the usual. Got my son ready, took him to school, showered, ate, etc etc. Then I packed some last minute things and laid back waiting for the hubs to get out from work.

Around 1:30pm he gets home. For some reason we didn't get on the road until 4ish pm making our arrival time 6:30pm. I was a bit bummed because I really wanted to arrive early to do some activities that they only have on the first Friday of every month. Either way since I was really tired so Steven drove while I took a nap. I had asked him to wake me once we got close because I heard that the scenery was very pretty. Well that didn't happened. Either he was being nice and let me sleep longer or I was too tired and my eyes refused to wake up haha.

Once we arrived the Bed & Breakfast looked just like in the pictures. We were super excited to go inside. The owners greeted us as well as their yellow lab (who I swear had a crush on me lol). They showed us around, took us to our room, asked us what time did we want breakfast, and gave us great tips on places to eat. We weren't really hungry because we ate something on our way there still we went out to an Irish Pub. It was raining and the placed looked packed! I was a bit annoyed but whatever. We go inside and because we didn't have reservations we had to wait 1+ hours before being seated unless we wanted to sit at the bar. Obviously we opted for the bar that we later learned was in the patio. Which I thought was crazy since it was dark and rainy so imagine our surprise when we walk out back and the patio is lite up and Warm! Best feeling ever! It was like a green house. Glass windows every where with trees all over the place. It was huge. And packed. We order some appetizers, lobster quesadilla and a lobster dip which were amazing!, and I got wine while the hubby ordered a gin and tunic. Dessert was also to die for. After a few hours we headed back to the B&B popped in a movie and well you know. Called it a night.

The next morning breakfast was delicious. Then we headed downtown to a market were we ate Ethiopian food for lunch. Not what i was expecting but good enough. We drove about 15 miles and did an Amish buggy tour. That was exciting! Afterwards we went to the outlets, then Nissery Winery were we bought 5 of their wines. Yum! Around 5ish pm we headed back to the B&B. But first we picked up some snacks since we figured dinner was probably going to be around 8pm. We had plans to go to eat at an Alligator meat restaurant. Yeah that wasn't my idea and luckily we were so beat from being out all day that when we woke up from our nap it was almost midnight. Pheeew!

Before we knew it Sunday was here and it was time to pack again. Breakfast was delicious again :). Around noon we hit the roads back home. We had a nice drive back with awesome conversation and by 1:30p we were there. We dropped everything at the house got freshen up and went to pick up our son to take him to Chuckie Cheese.

It was a nice romantic weekend getaway. Just what we needed. Some one on one time. Though there is no place like home and that night I was glad to be sleeping on our own bed curled up with our son. Yes we let him sleep with us from time to time.

Lancaster was really nice, it was my first time there, and they had a lot of activities for families and kids. We've decided to visit again during the summer months this time with our son. I know he would love it there.


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