Sunday, February 12, 2012

DIY projects & Checking things off

It might seem like I have abandoned my 101 in 1001 list but I havent. Really. I actually been busy trying to get things checked off. The only problem is that I haven't been blogging about it. Oops, sorry.
So far I've done the number frame inspired by Pinterest.

This was super easy. I spent $10 on the frame and I printed the numbers from my home printer using a nice light blue color paper I had left over from previous wedding projects.

I'm also working on a newlywed map.

I saw this on Heather's Drive blog and I loved it! I loved it so much that I ended up getting the same color map she got. I just wasn't feeling the colors they had available and I saw so much potential for it in this color for when we buy our house. Our map will be a newlywed/family map. I'm using 2 colors for the tacks, black for family trips and white for couple trips.

Another project I've been working on is the Name and Est. Date Wall Art.

This is a bit different because the letters are taken from Alphabet Photography - something that has me intrigued and that I plan on doing myself :). I first saw this on Etsy and then saw a friend that made one as DIY to give to another friend. I couldn't pass on it. I bought everything I needed, all I need to finish this is create the document on publisher and print it out. I'm super excited to see how it looks. Depending on how ours turns out I'm thinking of doing a couple for a friend and mother-in-law for their anniversary.

Things being checked off the list are ...
-Date nights and family nights. We've done quite a few the last couple of months but I won't be blogging about them all. You'll have to take my word for it and I promise not to lie.
-I've started working on increasing my vocabulary.
-Last month I blogged 10x+ and it looks like I will do the same this month too so if I continue to do this I can check of #28 on the list.
-My workout routine have been blah! so next week I will be joining a gym with a friend.
-Like I've mentioned before I've been cooking a lot recently. This means I'm collecting recipes for my family cookbook and trying more daring recipes. Soon I will start food blogging.
-We are currently working on paying off credit cards, getting life insurance, and saving more.
-I've been organizing a lot lately around the house. That makes me feel very happy :) and for some reason lighter too lol ;)
-At the end of the month I'm hosting a girls night at my place :)
-I plan on indulging on a top notch spa day for my birthday next month.

Lots of things going on here. Make sure you check often for fun and interesting blog posts :)

A few more DIY projects I'm working on are
Daily calendar. This is made from index cards (I'm using color ones). What I'm doing is that  I write the day and month on the top like shown here and on the lines I put the year and something that happened that day. I try to keep whatever I write the length of the line that way all the cards have the same amount of years. I started this in December of 2011 but missed a lot of days. Then I skipped January so I think I'll just stick with February as my starting month. We'll see how that goes but if I keep this up I'll have 10 years worth of memories for every single day and it will not take up much space at all. Whoever came up with this idea is freaking Awesome! I cannot thank them enough.

Frame love notes is something cute I also found on Pinterest. Right now I'm still searching for the perfect frame but the concept of this is that you place line paper inside the frame and with dry erase markers you leave love notes to your partner, or even kids. This is great for me to do because DH and I miss each other all the time. He starts work at 4am ad I don't get in until 7am and so on and so forth so leaving each other love notes by our bed side is a way of staying connected even from afar.

I'm assuming this is a key chain?. You know what they say about lucky pennies right? Well I want to keep a few lucky pennies with my family birth years with me at all times. Call me crazy but whatever, that's just me. I'm doing our birth years for the hubs, son, and I and our wedding year because to me on those years I was blessed :) I will add more pennies when we have more children.  

This is a DIY picture frame I also found on Pinterest. I'm using the foam core I have left over from my newlywed/family map and pictures of us throughout the years. I will post directions on how I made this when I complete it.   

I'm excited to show you all how everything turns out!


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