Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIY: Birth Stats Prints

For years now I've been trying to create one of this thing. But I never got the chance to. Then I got knocked up and decided to wait until AJ was born. Then I got a new Mac which didn't have PowerPoint or let me edit PP files for that matter. Then I started college this summer and couldn't put buying the office software any longer and guess what's the first thing I did once it was installed? You got it! These babies. I can't wait to go home, print them and display them in the boys rooms. 

It was very easy to do, just a bit time consuming. All you need are the stats, PowerPoint program, printer, paper, a verse (optional), a bit of creativity, and patience. I made text boxes for each of the info and place them where I wanted them. It took a while because I wanted the letters/numbers to take up the entire page so it was like making a puzzle. Not to bad if you ask me right? Also I formatted the page to be 5x7 in size and used Bakerville Old Face and Tangerine (same one one my blog) for my fonts. I plan to print then on card-stock for a nicer finish. Other than that this is all it was to it. :)    
p.s. there's a typo on AJ's print but of course it has been fixed for printing.



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