Thursday, May 30, 2013

Adrian 4 Months

Ok so this is more than late. But like I say, is better late then never right? right. :)


Dear Adrian, 

Four months already. Oh boy. Where is time going. I feel like it was just yesterday I was in excruciating pain and you were making your way into our lovely earth. How is it that we're already nearing summer? And you'll be eating lots of refreshing fruits. Like watermelon for example. 




You entered your fourth month with a few trips to the doctor's office and once to the ER. According to the doctor you had an ear infection. Your very first at that. Which led you to be on your first treatment of antibiotics. It broke my heart to see you like that. So uncomfortable. Without being able to tell us how you felt. What hurt. What was bothering you. What made you feel better. Although it doesn't take a  scientist to know what made you feel better. Cuddling with your momma did I'm sure :) I hope this doesn't happen much this year because it wasn't fun. I like to see you happy. Smiling. Full of energy. 



You have changed so much these last four months. From a wrinkly little thing that hardly fit into his newborn clothes to this long and full infant that can start solids. Yes you're officially an infant now and no longer a newborn. And yes you can start solids too. I cannot believe we're there already. When your pediatrician told us that you were ready for solids I thought to myself, he might be ready but I'm not. You're still my peanut. You can't start solids yet. And yet here we are contemplating whether to give you cereal or not. You're still feeding like a champ though and that makes me happy. Is my favorite time of day. Or times I should say. I look forward to feeding you, especially when were home and not out in public. 



You were giving us a hard time when it came to bottle feeding. You just weren't having that. You wanted your momma and that was that. Stubborn like your father if I'd say so myself. We had decided to use glass bottles for you but I ended up ordering breast flow bottles because you wanted nothing to do the glass ones and with my returning to work we had to make sure you were feeding good when I wasn't around. That seem to be working for now. I hope you keep it up. 

You are so much more alert now too. You love To check out your surroundings. Your neck had gotten so strong. Your hard work at tummy time is paying off. Good job AJ.  You have this high pitched sound you make that makes us all laugh. I wonder what you're trying to say? Or what point you're trying to get across. You enjoy staring at the fish tank. You could stare for a pretty long time if we let you. I totally get it though because I can stare a it a while too. 



Your hand coordination has gotten so good. You can reach out and grab things now. And of course right to your mouth they go. Which makes me think of teething. 

And your favorite thing right about now has got to be your hands. You have them in your mouth 24/7. You gave us a scare there when you started sucking your thumb. I was worried you had picked up thumb sucking like big brother but luckily it was just a phase. Fingers crossed that you don't pick up that habit in the near or far future at all. 

I'm sure this is common in other babies too around this age but you are such a happy baby. I can't get over how happy you are. You are just so happy all the time that it's even contagious. 

Cloth diapering its still going good for us. Keep up the good work babes. 




This month you started watching some videos. Call us crazy but we ended up getting "my baby can read" videos for your brother at 2y/o and he never made it past the first video so for four years we've had all that saved in a box. And I finally took it out and displayed it in your nursery so that I'm reminded to have you watch it once a day. You enjoy it too. The songs. The colors. The rhyming. The animals. I could of sworn I heard you say hooray a couple of times too. Your daddy just laughed at me. I guess I'm going to have to record you sometime to prove I'm not crazy.  

 You've also been more intrigued about your fur brother King. Like why is he so different? And he's been getting more curious about you too. Always sniffing your feet and trying to lick your toes. He pretty much has gotten used to your crying. That doesn't even phase him anymore jejeje. Not that you cry much either. 



Drooling is another one. If I didn't know better I'd swear you were teething. 

I'm looking forward on taking you on more outings now that the weather is getting warmer. Is time we put that awesome stroller to good use :) and let you experience mother nature's wonders. I'm sure you'll be mesmerized by all the wonderful things on this earth. 



Sweet AJ, words cannot express how much you are loved. Not just by your mommy, daddy, big brother, and fur brother, but by everyone around you too. I'm so glad you are blessed with such wonderful people. Even more so I'm so glad God has once again blessed us with another baby boy. Here's to another wonderful month with you in our lives. We love you! 


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