Friday, July 20, 2012

Dear Baby

Today makes four months on this journey that we've been blessed with and every week you surprise me more and more. There has been lots of stress coming my way since before you decided to make a quiet appearance. Needless to say that I've been worry sick thinking the worse. Still you keep growing and growing, developing all those little details inside and out and that makes me very happy. That makes me wonder of the type of person that you'll be and I know for sure that you will be a strong one. The type that when life throws lemons your way you'll simply take them and make lemonade just like daddy :). You are loved by so many people already especially your big brother. He gives you hugs and kisses all day long and has promised to share his books and toys with you and take care of you always. In just four short weeks we'll find out if you are a little boy or girl and I think I'm well set on names. Daddy and big brother love them too. Early this week a baby bump popped out of nowhere and boy was I waiting for it. Now every time I'm sad all it takes is a look down to remind me how blessed I am to be given the opportunity to have you as my child. Morning sickness seem to have subsided (yaayyy!) except when I take too long to snack on food (sorry). Yesterday I got a fetal Doppler to use at home and you bet I have taken every chance I've gotten to hear the sound of your little heartbeat. Nothing but music to my ears. I can listen to it all day. And I swear I've felt you moving around a few times when I'm relaxing quietly on the bed. I look forward to a strong little kick or position change in the near future. I just hope your daddy and brother are near by and that you do it again for them. I love you to the moon and back sweet baby so keep growing big and healthy. We'll wait patiently for your arrival.


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