Sunday, July 1, 2012

Steven's Birth Story

It's been six years now although it feels like it was just yesterday that I was given the privilege to become a mother.

Let's see how well my memory recalls such a special and amazing day.

It was June 30th 2006 and the hubby and I had went to the movies to watch Click with Adam Sandler. I had been having contractions for weeks now but none were strong enough for the doctors to keep me in the hospital. So back and forth we went about 2-3 times with no luck. That night I was having mild contractions but since I had tried every old wives tale there was to deliver and this baby was as stubborn as they can get I had given up trying to chose my own delivery date and let him pick his own birthday.

I remember sitting on a chair during the movie with my "cramps" getting a bit strong. Suddenly I got this immense urge to use the restroom but was worried that I would get up and my water would break and what not. So I held it till the end and until everyone was out of the room.

We went home and called it a night. I was just so uncomfortable. It was now July 1, 06 around midnight. I laid down in the bed and for hours I tossed and turned while my "boyfriend" at that time slept like a baby. Eventually I opened my eyes and looked up at the ceiling trying to figure out why was I feeling this way? Why was I in so much pain? Pregnant and all I couldn't put my finger on it so I ignored it and tried to go back to sleep.

Suddenly my eyes opened up again and a thought came to my mind. Was I having contractions? Was I really in labor this time? Could this baby be finally ready to meet us? My lips curved upward with a smile from ear to ear and my eyes glowed like a child on Christmas morning. I did what I've been dreaming on doing for weeks. Track my contractions. They were about 4 minutes apart. I waited about 30 more minutes and as they continued and got slightly stronger I decided to call my doctor. I headed to the bathroom and waited for a call back. As I was trying to explain how I felt I had had 5 contractions within 5 minutes. Before I even finish explaining my symptoms he said "you are definitively in labor. Head on down. We'll be waiting for you". :) Yaayyy!

After my phone conversation with the doctor the hardest part was convincing the hubby that I was really in labor and needed to go to the hospital. It took what it felt like forever to get him to wake up and drive me. Poor guy. So many false alarms and he was in denial. Finally I said "if you don't wake up I'm calling my mom, your mom, and your dad! And I'll drive myself to the hospital." his response: "ok ok. But I swear Pam if this is another false alarm..." he got up and on our way we were.

When we got to the hospital it was 3:30am and I was 3cm. They monitor me for awhile then told me to walk around the unit. At 4:30 I was checked again and was 4cm. Again we were told to walk around the unit. This time I didn't make it and turned around back to the triage room. The docs came in and told me that I would be admitted and I would be moved shortly to a delivery room. They offered me the epidural but I declined it. I wanted to have a natural delivery. Well that didn't last long. By 7am I wanted my epidural and I wanted it NOW!

We called our parents and spread the news that little Steven would soon make his entrance to this world. Time seemed to be going slow after that and boy was I hungry. I just wanted some breakfast and orange juice but all I was given was flavored ice chips :(

By noon I had reached 10cm and baby was crowning. They turned down my epidural because I wasn't feeling my contractions and we started practicing my pushing. Once baby head was visible they put a big mirror in front of me so that I could see all the hair on his head. This was the most Amazing and Magical thing I'd ever seen! I was witnessing my firstborn moved further and further down the birth canal. Pure heaven :).

A little after 1p it was time for the real pushing and by 1:18p baby boy was out from within me and putting to good use his fresh pair of lungs. Tears filled my eyes. Soon I had him right on my chest and we shared our first look as mommy and son. This feeling is indescribable. Then they took him away to finish me up with the rest of the last birthing stage. I just saw from the corner how proud daddy stood there with one finger in his son's small hand, teary eyes, and praying. Grandmothers were taking pictures and calling the rest of the family to give them the stats.

Soon the room filled with family, flowers, balloons, and congratulations. Pictures were being taken left and right. And our life as a family of 3 began.

There are not enough words for me to express my joy to being a mother. It has definitely been a learning journey in which I have no regrets. I look forward so much to reliving this process again with this sweet miracle inside of me.

And to my dear firstborn. I have nothing but the best wishes for him. He is an amazing boy and I'm sure he will make his mommy and daddy proud with everything he'll do. I love you baby boy xoxo!


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