Tuesday, December 10, 2013

That's my son


There are a few things about our kids we never want to forget. That's one of the reasons why I blog. To record a moment in time before it is forgotten. A moment where years down the road I can incorporate in a wedding day toast. Or simply a graduation toast. 

Our children have this way of seeing the world. They are carefree. They speak from the heart. They are the most humble they'll ever be. Moments like these I want to hold on to and never let go. 

My son Steven is very outspoken. He gets that from his papa. 

He can also be very shy. He gets that from his mama. 

But there are times when he's just him. My carefree, outspoken yet loving boy. 

Two things happened several weeks ago that I want to make sure I don't forget. 

I was in the kitchen making dinner. AJ was in his high chair facing away from me giggling while his brother played fetch inside the house with king. Then a thought popped in my head. What if I didn't have the funds to buy my kids Christmas presents? How would they react? Mostly Steven. Would he understand? 

I called him over and said "Hey baby. Can I ask you a question." 

Steven: yea mom. 

Me: would you be mad if I didn't give you any presents for Christmas?

Steven: Mom. It's ok. It's ok if you don't give me anything. You already gave me something. You gave me my life and I'm so proud of you. That's my favorite present you ever gave me. 

I just looked at him and awe. Then gave him a hug. 

Steven: plus I'll get other presents from my dad and grandma and uncle and aunt and other grandma and papi and Sonia. But don't worry mom my favorite gift is my life. So you don't have to give me anything. I won't be mad. You don't even have to get me anything for my birthday mom because I understand. 

This sent such happiness to my heart. This day I learned that even when he misbehave I must be doing something right as a mother.


Then over the weekend we had a ninja turtle themed birthday party to attend. My husband was under the impression that the kids were suppose to wear costumes so he went ahead and ordered two. 

The day of the party arrived and I got the boys ready. We get to the party which was in this huge hall with 2 floors. We walk in and there are no kids on sight. We were told that the kids were on the second floor. Stevens runs up while we take a seat by some family members. 

Now let me just say that Steven has been super excited to wear this costume. He even tried it on several times just to make sure it fit him right and when Saturday came he was beyond thrilled. 

Let me also note that we had arrived late to the party. Something not unusual. 

Ok back to my story. So about 5 minutes later. Maybe less. Steven comes to me and says "Mom. I'm not wearing this." 

My response: baby but why, what happened? 

I'm thinking he was upset because someone else was wearing the same costume. I don't know. Then he says I'm the only one wearing a costume. Everyone has regular clothes on. I'm taking this off. 

Again my response: awe baby are you ok. I thought about how I would have felt. To walk in a room thinking everyone was going to love my costume and looking forward to seeing what everyone had on only to find out no one was wearing a costume. I personally would have been so embarrassed I probably would have wanted to leave the party. That's just me. 

So what ended up happening. My husband comes over and asks what's going on. Steven explains, takes off his costume (thank The Lord he ended up putting it right over the outfit he was wearing earlier that day. If not my poor kid would of had to wear that all through the party) and simply runs away to play with the kids on the second floor. 

What!? What just happened here? Wasn't he hurt? Embarrassed? Mad? Anything? 

That move right there made me realize that my son is much stronger then what I give him credit for. He can be put in situations like this and be just fine. Moving on like nothing ever happened. He gets that from his papa too. Definitely not me. 

My son is not a baby anymore. He's very well capable of understanding when he can't get something and doesn't let the little problems control or change his attitude towards something. 


My son is growing up. When did that start happening? 

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