Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Boys Wishlist


I love shopping for the boys. Especially for AJ because I still get to buy him what I want rather then what he asks for, unlike Steven. Once they hit a certain age it gets a bit tricky. We decided to just get him a few toys because our family will be getting them both clothes. I much rather buy him things I want for him then getting a toy that's just going to be use a few times and does nothing for his learning. And being that his birthday is about a week later... yea, that's going to be interesting. I hope we get gift cards that way we can use it for things he will need in the future. I'm praying we don't get a lot of toys.

Steven is a big player so we decided to get him the X Box 360 now that the new one is out and get found an awesome deal on black Friday. Yes he might be too young for gifts like this but he knows the rules, no playing on weekdays and only a couple of hours a day. He didn't ask for this in particular because we own one that is like 8 years old. Seriously I remember having this when we first got together that the hubby was a big player. And since it's that old it lacks some features we decided to get a new one. I cannot wait to see his face! He was also in desperate need of a new scooter, the one he has now he's been having since age 3 and yea, it's a little too small now. He also loves to color and could use more crayons and color pencils. And those pajamas! I just now he'll love it. Especially because his little brother will get very similar ones and he's all about having his little brother wear the same thing he does. I'm thinking the pajamas will be the Christmas Eve gifts.

Aside the real meaning of Christmas, seeing my kids face Christmas morning while opening gifts is the the greatest feeling. Simply Priceless :)

What's on your wish lists?

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  2. oh my goodness I love those pajama sets they are too cute!