Thursday, December 19, 2013

What a difference a year makes *vol 1

Change is good. 

This year has been hard. Very hard. I've seen things and have dealt with things I would never imagine I would. This has been a year where I almost lost faith.  When I thought it couldn't get worse, it did. When I thought things were looking up, it didn't. This has been such a year that if I could I would erase of my memory forever. Part of the year that is. Because apart from all the bad I had some amazing moments. Like the birth of my child. 

Then suddenly, and recently, things truly began to change. Something small made me realized that I've been selfish. I'm not the only one with problems and there are others who have it 3x worse then me. I should be thankful to be alive and healthy. I should be thankful that my sons are healthy and so is my husband and my family. That I have a choice and that I can decide where I want the rest of my life to go. 

Looking back at this past year I've had some good moment. the birth of my son. Another year with my oldest. An awesome vacation and few getaways. I joined a link up "blogging with a purpose" that made me think about things I probably wouldn't have if it wasn't becsuse of it. I learned the true meaning of forgiveness. I realized that sometimes I have to think about me. What makes me happy. I became even closer with a very special lady in my life. I let go of people who weren't helping me grow. I learned so many things. When I think of all the good that happened this year even the worse of the bad wouldn't compare on how blessed I've been. You probably read a few times on my believe that everything happened for a reason. Well with each passing month I become even more convince. 

I wouldn't want to relive most of 2013 but I certainly don't want to forget it either because it made me become a better person. 2013 has taught me so much and I cannot wait to put it all to practice. 

2013 you were one heck of a year but you made me stronger then ever. I'm ready to tackle 2014 with all it's glory. 

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  1. What a great end of year letter! Also I have no idea where it came from but I loved the sweet recording on your page! You guys are super cute!


    1. Thank you Kelsey! I just noticed it published on a wrong date, that's what happens when I try blogging via cell.

      The recording is our wedding trailer video. I don't know whether you used a cell or laptop to visit but usually you can see the video too which is located on the right sidebar :)

      Thanks for visiting!