Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Adrian 11 Months


My sweet boy, lots of things have been happening this month. So much excitement. You had your first Thanksgiving and sure enough you enjoyed almost everything at the table. 

You started to sleep through the night the week of November 11. You usually go down between 8-9p and wake up between 7-8a, mostly 8a. This wake up time is perfect since that's when we have to leave the house to take your brother to school. I never thought this day would come and baby does it feel good. For everyone at home. No midnight crying that interrupts our sleep or no midnight feeding. Even after that long stretch of sleep you still manage to take two naps during the day anywhere between 1-3 hours at a time. And let me just say mama is not complaining. 


You love to eat. No change there. You have been really liking green beans this month. You eat them like if they were French fries. Cheese too. I call you the cheese monster. You constantly are found snacking on a cheese slice or kix/cherious. So far it seems that you are not a picky eater. Everything that is eatable you eat without a problem, you get that from your brother. You had lasagna for the fist time this month and you loved it. I was surprised at how much of it you are. You are definitely my child! 

I had to start supplementing with formula on nights that I work but luckily you've only had about a handful of bottles with formula which makes me happy because most of your nourishment still comes from me :) since our freezer stack is pretty much gone daddy tends to give you formula more often then I'd prefer but you rather have me any day. I love that feeling. 


You love to check your surroundings and explore. Any noise gets your attention whether is music or someone talking. And when you spot King you go after him likes he's the president or something. You love to touch him and squeeze his cheeks and pull him closer to you. It's the funniest thing. I don't know how he feels about it though, maybe he lets you since you feed him on the side. I think you do that on purpose too. Every time I put food on your tray I stand back and watch you and you grab one and put it in your mouth then you grab another and throw it on the floor. King usually hangs under your high hair so as soon as the food hits the floor he's all over it. Is like you too have a system going on. I love how good he is with you and how curious you are of him. He's def your puppy :) 


You have a total of four teeth now. They all appeared within a week from each other. Quite the excitement there! Which I'm really happy it finally happened and has me surprised because it hasn't been affecting your sleep at all. Thank god. Except that you have gotten into biting and boy does it hurt. I honestly don't know how to stop you from biting me during a feeding. The only thing that has worked is when I pull you off and set you down so we can both get over it. You don't like it but it seems to get the point across. Most times. Luckily you are getting over that habit. The biting has decrease and with good timing because I was just about ready to stop breast feeding all together. Something funny I've noticed you've been doing is using your tongue to feel your teeth. Specifically the top ones. You just love to rub that tongue against it. So funny. Is like if you've just discovered both your tongue and teeth. 


You love to say mama. And you know exactly when to use it. Mostly when I walk away or when you are in your crib and want out. When you are in need of me and that makes me so happy! Although you've been a little more fond of your daddy lately. When he gets home that the alarm goes off you look to the back door first to see if it's him. If it's him you start bouncing up and down with excitement and giving him the warmest welcome with your biggest smile. This makes my heart sing. I get so happy seeing the bond that is forming between the two of you. 

I swear you went through a massive growth spurt this month. You went from using 6-9 months clothes to 12+ months clothes. Finally! I guess you're not my peanut anymore. Ok maybe you still are. 


You are obsessed with balls. Any size or color. Once you get a hold of one there's no pulling you away. You can entertain yourself for hours. You crawl into the smallest of spaces just to get a hold of it when it gets away. I thought it was so cute, until the Christmas tree went up and you kept going after my ornament balls. I had to leave two out just so you can play with then and stop going after the tree. That usually works until they get stuck under the sofa and you go right back to the tree. Boy oh boy. I even had to let you open an early Christmas gift, a ball, to keep you busy during the day. It rolls on its own and is so funny to watch you chase after it. Another obsession you have is opening and closing doors. Ever since you noticed that a door moves front and back you just can't get enough of it. How is it that the simple things get you going like that. This is such a beautiful stage. You know how to turn the light switches on and off. Every time we walk in a room I put you next to it and you know exactly what to do, I'm so proud of you :)


Crawling is still your preferred method of getting around but you're definitely not opposed to walking by holding our hands or holding on to furniture or toys. Your brother walked a few days after turning 1, I wonder if you'll reach that milestone before or after his. 

You still like to share your toys or food. And you are continuing to listen to commands such as "come here" and "can I have that please". I make sure to use please and thank you so that you get used to hearing it and eventually using them too. 

This has been such a fun month. You have grown so much and are learning at such a fast pace. I can't stop thinking that soon you'll be walking on your own and talking in sentences. Where has the year gone to? I can't believe you're next monthly post will mark your first year of life. 


Oh sweet AJ, I feel so blessed to have you as my son. I love you sweet baby. We all love you, including your puppy King. 

Love Mommy

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  1. He's getting so big!! Happy 11 months to him. :-)