Thursday, January 23, 2014

Adrian is One!

(Print was purchased from SomethingLovable in etsy)

My sweet baby is 1! 

That Friday I got home from work and napped a bit. We stayed at my moms helping her prep for the party the next day and at 6:30pm we headed off to the other grandma's house to sing happy birthday to our sweet boy and eat some cake. Something low key and surrounded by family. It was perfect!

Things to remember about this day:

That birthday candle has a special story to it. I was first used by his only male cousin almost three years ago.

As far as I'm concern this was AJ's first time having ice cream cake.

My brother and sisters were missing. What else is new.

His one uncle refused to take a picture with him because he was sick.

His auntie who lives across the states was able to join us via FaceTime, thank you technology!

Those three little boys midway down love my AJ so much. Such an innocent love.

AJ could have care less about what was happening until he got a taste of the cake.

The brother's pose below is their signature post. Most of their pictures together are like that and are some of my favorite. A brother's love can never be measured, I sure hope they grow up to be the best of friends.

I was late getting there. Now that's nothing new hahaha.




Adrian  Adrian   Adrian Adrian Adrian

Happy 1st Birthday Adrian!
We love you.

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