Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Marriage: 1 Year

How can I sum up an entire year of marriage into one word?

Yup. That's all I got.

Many of us go into planning a wedding and getting married thinking or rather believing that this is the beginning of our "happily ever after". We get advice from many family and friends and even strangers. Yet we don't know how to put to good use those advices and if we don't like the advice we simply ignore it.

I'm not a fake person and I don't like pretending to be happy when I'm not. Of course that I don't let the world know my personal issues, hence them being personal. Though sometimes is nice to know that not everyone has the perfect marriage.

I remember being in Dominican Republic back in 2008 and someone telling me "marriage is not easy. That's when you really get to know your other half and you start picking out things that you don't really like in them. Even the smallest thing like not putting the toothbrush back start to bother you". I remember him saying "the first year of marriage for many is the hardest. Some people don't even make it to the first year. They give up too quickly. They forget the real reason why they got married in the first place so they give up. But I'll tell you one thing. Unless you are in an abusive relationship the worse thing you can do is give up".

This past year has been unbelievable for me. Lots of sad moments, frustration, anger, truth, disappointments. It has definitely not been the easiest let alone the best year of our relationship but one thing I can tell you is that we didn't give up. I didn't give up. I took vows and committed to be with this person in the good and the bad for better or worse and I intend on keeping my word because I don't mind having one bad year if I still have a lifetime to make up for it. And that's where many couple go wrong. They give up too easily. They're not up for the challenge. Because believe me marriage is definitely a challenge and a learning experience that only gets better with the passing years if you live and learn. You have to learn, accept, forgive, and move on. Yes it is easier said then done but it's certainly not impossible.

Yes my marriage is not perfect but I wouldn't trade it for the world. My husband has been a great man to me in past years and has won father of the year awards repeatedly for 6 years in my eyes. I would be crazy to throw away six good years due to a bad one. Or would I now? lol just kidding.

We are young and we are learning from our mistakes to live and have a great lifetime together. Most importantly we are putting God in the center of our marriage and family.

So a piece of advice to the newlywed. Just because your happily ever after does not begin the day after the wedding it doesn't mean you need to give up. One more thing. Don't compare your marriage to anyone else because you don't know what goes on behind close doors. You'll be surprise how many people pretend to have something they don't have to keep good appearance. ;)

Happy 1 year wedding anniversary love. I wish us many more years and an amazing lifetime together. I Love You!


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