Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 + 1 = 4

Our family is increasing by two little feet :)

We couldn't be happier! After months and months of debating whether or not to try and after months of actually trying (kept in secret) a little miracle finally decided to grow inside of me. I can't speak for my husband but my son and I are the happiest we've been in a while.

We found out this marvelous news back on April 28th. I was shocked! I kept shaking my head saying "Now Way!, Yea Right!, Shut Up (I don't know why I was screaming shut up to a pregnancy test stick but oookkkay) lol. I of course kept it hush hush until I took 2 more test later that day and even another one the next. Then I told the hubby and we kept it to ourselves for a few more weeks until I had my first ultrasound. Then little by little close friends and family were told the good news.

I was only 4 weeks along when we found out but in reality if you count from ovulation day I was only 2 weeks along. What!?! This was def an experience. Since then I've suffered horrible horrible morning sickness usually at night, figures. I've been sleeping like a bear in the winter (hence the lack of posts). And I've lost about 5-6lbs :( but not to worry sweet peas is growing perfectly fine.

Now with two days left of the first trimester I'm looking forward to hopefully being done with morning sickness, getting some sort of energy back so that I can start enjoying the summer, jotting down weekly milestones for this pregnancy, and planning planning and more planning!!! :)

So... On this hot and beautiful first day of summer I leave you with a couple of pictures that will for sure bring a smile to your face.


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