Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moving on to First grade!

My baby boy made it through his first year of "real" schooling. :D

I am one proud momma. He went in knowing the basics after spending two years in an early education program. Counting numbers 1-20, his ABCs, rhyming, spelling his name, recognizing lots of shapes and common words, among others things.

Now he's moving on to the first grade knowing about 100 sight words, reading at a level 6, he can draw a picture, label it, and write sentences about it. I love how he tries to sound out words to write his sentences without asking for help in spelling. He had to write about what he's looking forward to most this summer and his answer was "I'm going to maraling (Maryland) with my mom to swim in the beech (beach)". Not too bad if you ask me. At least he knows to sound it out. He just needs a bit more practice. :)

What I love most about my son is that he loves to learn. He doesn't need much motivation. Give him a pen and paper and he'll stay busy writing you a story, with pictures. Except that can drive you crazy asking you how to spell some words. Give him a book and he tries to read it on his own, again after stopping a dozen times asking "what's this word?". Just thinking about him and his will to learn puts a smile on my face. I couldn't be more blessed with this child. He's the reason I breathe. Only if he really knew how much I love him. :)

My pride and joy! He has the biggest heart. Just as he did way back when (2006).

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