Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Baby,

It has been an interesting, busy, and full of emotions weekend. All last week we prepped for the gender reveal party. Came Friday I was happy as a bee to see your little face and know that you were growing big and healthy like you should despite the fact that I don't look five months pregnant at all. Lots of changes have happened this past month. Def no more morning sickness, more energetic, and I'm feeling more and more like myself. You have developed your own identity with your own set of fingerprints, although your eyes are still shut if bright light is shined at my belly you are likely to respond to it, and biggest milestone of all you CAN hear us now! Yaayyy! Let the reading and small talks begin. :) Sunday came and the food was prepared, house set up, cake picked up, and guests arrived. Soon it was time to cut the cake and let me tell you that I was Nervous! My hands were so shaky! Your grandma made a prediction cake with pink filling (you had us all fooled). Your big brother and I cut the reveal cake and I told him to cut it really slow. And what do you know, Surprise you're a Boy! A precious little boy sent straight from above. :) I'm sure you and your big brother will be best pals. I had a feeling you were a baby boy because as much as I thought pink my mind keep shifting to blue and I was more attracted to the boyish inspiration nurseries, styles, etc. So here we are. Excited with the reveal and looking forward to start calling you by name and prepare your room. My precious little AJ :) we all love you more than you could ever imagine!


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