Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Is hard not to judge

But. As a new mother how can I not?

I just finished my 3 day week at work (looking forward to the next 10 days off) and we had a situation on day one that has my heart aching. Can it really be possible to make it to 38 weeks of pregnancy and not know that you're pregnant? I've seen it happen in tv shows many times but can it really be true? I just don't understand. You gain 40lbs and don't think is weird? Don't get a menstrual in nine months and don't get concern? feel your belly moving (from the kicks) and don't think nothing other then "it must be gas"? Then one day you find yourself in a hospital bed giving birth and what's worse is that you don't to even acknowledge you had a child. How cold hearted can you really be?

There I go judging again.

Is a sad story and for the past three days I've been judging this person. Wondering what must be going through her mind that can cause her to act this way. It's been 4 months since I gave birth and I still can't get used to being away from my peanut and here she is without even knowing the gender. It breaks my heart but deep down I realize that I don't know her situation and her reasons must be of great deal to act this way. So even though I don't know you I wish you the best and hope that whatever you're going though will soon be over.

Now to that sweet baby boy. My sweet Sam, because in my heart you will always be Sam. There's not a bone in my body that doubts that you have an angel watching over you. You are a miracle child and I know God has great plans for you. I can feel it. In just 3 days of life you have managed to win over two entire units full of women who plainly adore you. You will be missed and I hope that you never feel rejection again. I hope that the family that takes care of you will love you immensely and treat you like you came from their own womb. I will never forget you!

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