Monday, September 10, 2012

Nursery Layout/Painting

More on baby topics and here's the "planned" nursery layout. This room was used as an office/computer room or so we had planned on. But by the time we moved in I was already expecting so we knew this would become the nursery later in the year. In the meantime we used it to store unopened boxes, as a storage space, and a computer room. We hardly use our Desktop so moving it up to the third floor is really no big deal. I like that this room is right next to ours so is not a far walking distance for those overnight wake up calls, though I'm sure AJ will be rooming with us the first few months.

This room is sort of small but perfect to be used as a nursery. It even has a nice size closet. The only thing I dislike about the room is that I wish the heater would of been put on another wall. (our house was oil and we changed everything to electric before moving in but hubby's stepfather didn't put too much attention on where the heaters were going and neither did we so now some of the new heaters are placed in odd walls taking up space or making it difficult to arrange furniture, in my opinion).

I would of really liked for the crib to go on the longer wall but I'd hate to have the heater right beneath it so the smaller wall by the door will do. I hope access to the closet doesn't get to uncomfortable with the crib there.

Now onto the painting ideas. I feel like I'm behind on this nursery planning thing :(. O well.

I originally wanted this room grey because I knew it would turn to a nursery eventually. However, my darling husband bought the wrong paint for the bathroom and decided to use that paint for this room which is a nice light blue color (I tell him he jinxed us by painting the nursery blue from the beginning lol). After much thought on whether to paint the nursery grey or leave it blue I decided to use both colors. Leaving the top portion blue and painting the bottom half grey and adding chair rails to divide the colors. Sort of like in the pictures below.

Last Thursday I went to home depot to pick out different shades of grey and bring home to match with the blue. As I sat there I started having doubt about both colors. I walked away for a little and later that night at work I started the planning again. By the end of the shift I decided to keep the walls blue. Order a white crib (more on that later) and just get on with ordering the bedding set I want. When I got home I ordered the bedding and it should arrive this week :) I'm super excited to see it in person.

I decided to order the bedding first because I wanted to check out the colors in it up front. After looking closely at it from the Internet I decided not to go with the grey but the blue instead. I hope I made the right decision but before going any further with the nursery I just have to make sure this is what I want for sure!


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  1. Has the bedding arrived yet? I want to see it! :)