Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School: First Grade

The first day of first grade has been worse than the first day of pre K and Kindergarten combined. Could it possibly be because I wasn't able to take my baby boy to school, kiss him goodbye, bless him and wish him a good day?

I am a ball of emotions and these hormones are not helping. I feel such sadness deep in my heart. My baby boy has started his education journey, can bathe and dress himself, can work a computer or any Apple gadget way better than I can, and can somewhat make himself a quick snack. My baby boy is growing up. Too fast if you ask me. And while I am proud of all that he has accomplish these last six years and all the happiness he has brought into my, our lives I don't want to accept the fact that he's no longer a baby but a young boy experimenting and learning all that this earth has to offer.

Steven Pollo-Loco if you only knew how much mommy loves you and how much I wish I can cradle you in my arms one more time and rock you to sleep. You have given me more then I ever expected, you're a dream come true. I cannot wait to have your baby brother in my arms and cherish with even a bigger passion all those sweet moments that are to come and that leave so fast thanks to you. Because you have taught me a valuable lesson today that I have taken for granted I suppose, to cherish and hold on to all those special moment that are often overlook. I love you to the moon and back and I wish you not only a great day of first grade but an awesome school year. I'll be counting the hours when I'll get to leave home to pick you up and wait for you with open arms.

I love you sweet pollo.


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