Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's Here, It's Here!!!!

Our wedding video has finally arrived. I am thrilled! There are no words to explain how much happiness I'm feeling.

This is one of the songs in our video and exactly how I'm feeling right now :)

My day started like any other. A long and boring night at work. Followed by 2 hours in my morning class where I may or may have not dozed off a bit. A grumbling stomach. And a 30 minutes drive back home.

When I get home I usually like to stay in my car for a little. My car is my "me zone" that's my bubble. As soon as I park in the driveway I stay in my car sometimes just relaxing. Other times I talk on the phone, browse the web, shop, blog, nap, or cry my heart out. That's my time to disconnect myself from the world for a few minutes for me, to analyze my life. This morning it just happened that I was in my car catching up on Facebook. When I saw the mailman I didn't think nothing of it.

About 15 minutes later he was still there and my iPhone rang. It was the hubby. He asked where I was. That I had a package and the mailman wouldn't leave it unless I signed for it. I told him ok that I'll be right there. I wondered what it could of been since I wasn't really expecting nothing big like that. So I come out and apologize to the mailman. We exchanged a few words and I quickly glanced at the package to see where it came from. It literally took 2 seconds. As soon as I saw the GT logo I was in cloud nine :D I couldn't believe it had arrived so fast. They told me it was going to be mailed on Monday so I wasn't expecting it till at least Wednesday. But I wasn't complaining no sir I was not. I went inside and contemplated about waiting for the hubs to come home to open it. Yea it didn't work out like that. I didn't have to think about it twice. He wasn't going to feel the same way I felt about a DVD anyways so I unwrapped that baby. Lol

The package was nicely wrapped. The little gifts, candy/popcorn, we're so cute and thoughtful. I called Steven right away and asked what time he was coming home from work. In the meantime the whole Facebook, twitter, and instagram knew what was happening in Pamela's world. Hey what can I say :)

About 2 hours later, what seemed to be a whole 8 more months when Steven arrived home, he barely got a chance to open up the peanuts M&Ms when the wedding video popped up in the TV screen. It was the best day I've had since 2012 started. I laughed, smiled a lot!, and cryed... also a lot. Tears of joy of course. I've dreamed of reliving our wedding day for months now and that day had finally arrived. You can't even begin to imagine my excitement. Not even Steven could of related to how much joy I was feeling inside and out. The video was more than what I expected. I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with these wonderful people that today I call my friends. I will certainly recommend them to everyone I know and will be using them again for sure.

Caritza and Gabriel you guys have made me a very very very happy bride/wife. I cannot thank you enough. I wish you both the very best in life. We love ya!

Here are some pictures of my happy moments open my, our package.


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