Monday, February 20, 2012

Meet King!

King became part of our family a little over 3 weeks ago. He is an English Bulldog. DH got him from one of his cousins that owns King's mommy and daddy. He was exactly 6 weeks when we got him and he was adorable! Well he still is.

I'm not an animal person whatsoever. I like watching other people dress up their puppies and walk them, take care of them, and treat them like part of their family. It puts a smile on my face. But when it comes to my own, um well yea it never works out. I don't like cleaning up after them or just being responsible for walking them, taking them to the vet, ect ect. Having a pet is like having a child and I have so much respect for those people who have them.

I tell the hubs that King is his not mine. I consider him part of the family and I'll take him out and feed him if need be but I don't want to be the "owner/mommy". I might sound cold hearted and I'm sorry I just have a thing for hairs and dog saliva. Those things freaks me out and even touching him makes me run to the sink to wash my hands.

I do have to admit the I'm falling in love with King. He's so smart and adorable. And that face of his is too cute! When DH comes home with him from work I call out "Puppy" in this high pitch voice and King runs to me and runs in circles around me. Is the best feeling and sometimes I feel guilty for not caring for him like my own child. Still I have a feeling that sooner then later he will win me over. Shhh don't say that to DH :) I also love how our son loves him so much. He's been wanting siblings and having King around has made him relax a bit on the topic. He cares for him like that's his own child. He has so much love for him I love looking at him and those big eyes full of love for his pup.

So without further ado please meet King.

(He's not chocking him I promise lol, King has too much skin and was sliding down)


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