Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm a day late on this but it's ok.

Well, Valentine is one of my favorite holiday, it is a holiday right? One is because is during the month of February and two because in on the month that I meet my husband.

This year we celebrated V~Day by me cooking a nice meal for the hubs. It was a shrimp day in my house. I made

Shrimp and Scallop dip/sauce thing
Shrimpo de gallo
Shrimp Cocktail
Fettuccini Shrimp Alfredo
A whip cream, yogurt, and strawberry dessert
And we had some some wine

It was delicious and we weren't that stuff believe it or not. We ate in moderation in order to have a bit of everything. I ended up sending the leftover to my mom though :)

After dinner we went to the movies to watch The Vow. It was very good. I loved it! So did the hubs. Then we just came home and relax. It sucked that this year Valentine's was on a Tuesday but we still managed to enjoy the day and relax before work the next day.

And to top it of my darling husband surprised me with a Vera Wang perfume that I've been dying to buy. Every time he went to the store it was sold out and finally he had to special order it to get it for Valentine's day. What a sweetheart isn't he? :) He made my night. And so did my son with a box of chocolate he got for me.

How did you spent your Valentine's Day?


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