Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Birthday Week Recap

Here it is.

This week, March 12-18, was Spring Break at school and since it was my birthday week I decided to take the week off from work. I had worked that Monday so technically my vacation didn't start until Tuesday the 13.

On Tuesday a friend and I made plans to go visit our other friend who had given birth to her first born. A baby girl. She lives about an hour away without traffic. We waited to drop off the kids at school and then we drive down. We got there right at the hour marked by the GPS and it was so nice to finally have met previous Layla. We ended the night at my friend Zoila's place with the hubbies, kids, and Chinese food.

Wednesday was a laid back day. I think I must of gotten sick from the food the night before because I woke up V&D and got worse as the day progressed. Needless to say my Wednesday was spent in bed sleeping all day long. Fun!

Thursday I feel much better though this was the day that my darling husband decided to trade his four wheeler for a motorcycle. Lots if tension in the house this day. I stood home all day because I didn't want to risk getting more sick because I wanted to celebrate my birthday as planned. So I laid low trying on a kazillion potential birthday outfits.

Before I knew it Friday had arrived. Happy Birthday To Me! I took my son to school then came back home and started to get ready. I did my hair and makeup really nice. Wore a cute 25ish year old looking outfit, whatever that means. Around 1ish we headed to the spa where we, meaning Zoila and I, got manicures and pedicures along with a body massage Aaahh so refreshing. This place we went to was phenomenal! I was treated very nice, got lots of complements on my outfit, especially my shoes, and even got served wine as a birthday treat :) I will be going back for sure. best part of this was that once I was all done and went to pay my bill was already taken care of. Que/What??? Yup my amazing friend Zoila had paid it as a birthday gift. That was real sweet of her :)

Now I know you must me wondering why I had make up on when I was getting a massage. Truth is that I totally forgot about it. After the massage I ended up washing my face and reapplying the makeup.

We headed back to Zoila's place and we chilled there until later that night. I want to say maybe until 8pm.

We already had plans to go out dancing to a Spanish club so I didn't think nothing of it until I overheard, by mistake if course, Steven talking in the phone and he was telling someone to just go to the club and not to worry. That everything was paid for. Ooohh?! :)

I didn't say nothing about it but was kind if bummed that I knew what he had planned. I tried to stay focused and act surprised when we walked in but it didn't take much. I was truly surprised when I saw my college girls there. Yaayyyy! The highlight of the night, among other things. I had invited them and they all gave me lame excuses. Later I found out that Steven had gotten to them first and told them to make me believe they couldn't make it. How sweet is my husband :) he also had a Tres Leche Cake, balloons, and had the club photographer take pictures of us. He did a great job so I need to start planning his birthday bach.

We had a great night. Lots of dancing and pictures. Obviously there was alcohol for my alcoholic friend (lol Just kidding. They're not alcoholics. Yet.) I only had two beers and a shot. Yaayy me! I've been staying away from hard liquor and transitioning to wine instead. I don't need to drink to have a goid time. Give me a DJ, a dance floor, and a partner and I'm good to go! Oo and may e some water too;).

After the club we headed to the hookah lounge for about an hour then the hubby and I called it a night. We went home with his drunk brother who vomited all over Steven's SUV. Not fun!

On Saturday we had family day at Hershey, PA. My younger sister is in a private school over there and since it was my brother's birthday earlier this month too we decided to go visit her. We shopped, spent family quality time, and ate out.

Later that night after everyone was asleep my son decided to get up for something to drink. He decided for a Popsicle and used a knife to open it. *gasp* yes he cut his finger but instead if coming to get us he tried to go to go upstairs to ask his grandmother because he was afraid we were going to scream at him. Since the door was locked he opted to be his own nurse and wasted a rolled of paper towel. Once he realized that the bleeding wasn't going to stop he came to our room in tears. Not because he was in pain but because he was afraid of what we were going to say. lol. You gotta love him!

I of course panicked when I heard him say "mom I'm bleeding". We woke up right away to find a mess of blood in the kitchen. We stopped the bleeding. Cleaned up. Talked to him calmly. And we all went to bed together. What a night!

Sunday was more relaxing. We had family day again however this time it was just us three. We bought some subway for dinner and went to eat it at the park since the weather was beautiful. later that night we went home and sat together on the living room to watch a movie. It was the perfect ending.

I had different activities in mind that I wanted to do and had planned for a very very long time but that didn't happen and honestly I'm glad. I'm glad because this was a perfect way to celebrated my 25th birthday. With my closest friends and family. Surrounded by the people that truly love me and care and are willing to do nice things for me like pay for my spa day ;). I'm even more happy that I'm able to write this week's events down and be able to look back on it in the years to come. To me blogging is not about attracting readers, which in any case is a plus. I think of blogging as a public journal where I can share my thoughts. The small details that are often overlooked. The good and the bad. The new adventures and old memories. The funny and the sad. What makes it even more awesome is that I'm allowing others into my life. To get to know me through my rumblings. And to share my life with those that are far and can relate. It not. It's just so refreshing to let it all out and to come back it it and re live it. Technology couldn't be sweeter. :)

Thanks for stopping by. Now ready yourself for picture overload. :)




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