Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I did it! We did it!

If my memory serves me well I'm pretty sure that for the past 2.5 years, since AJ entered our lives, I have yet to have an outing with the two boys alone in a public place. Don't get me wrong yes I've been out with them both to certain places especially when AJ was only a few months but today was different. Today we took a trip to an amusement park. Dorney Park.

Summer fun

I've mentioned before the benefits of having my boys with a six year age difference but I've also mentioned the challenges it can bring being that they both require different types of attention and care. So when a friend asked me to take a trip to Dorney Park with the kiddos I didn't give it a second thought like I normally would. I kinda figured that I would stay behind with AJ while they got in bigger rides. Well that didn't turned out the way I had imagined. 

Even before we left the house I had asked Steven to please be in his best behavior and to be considerate of AJs age. Meaning we couldn't do a lot of the things he would like to. He agreed without any complains and we were off to a good start. Once there we hit the wave pool first. My friend had stayed behind with her child and family and I jumped head first into what would turn out to be a great experience. We put AJs life jacket on and they were both having a great time. Until the waves came in that is. AJ was not a big fan of them and constantly repeated "stop it mom. Stop doing that". He thought I was making the water push him hahaha. Eventually he had enough and only wanted to be carried by me. Still he behaved well for over an hour which was the time we spent in the wave pool. Steven on the other hand kept wanting to go deeper and deeper. I didn't let him go past 5 feet though. And surprisingly he listened to me and stayed within sight while I catered to AJ and try to keep him calmed. It was a win win for both of them.

Summer fun

After the wave pool we headed for some lunch. Steven had a burger and fries and AJ and I had chicken fingers and fries.Again  both boys behaved well and did not fight. That's unusual for my boys. They are always fighting. We cleaned up and put on another round of sun screen. I was really on top of my game :)

Summer fun

Then came the water slides. Obviously AJ can't ride on them and I couldn't get on them with Steven because of AJ. Being that today was a Tuesday it worked well to our advantage because the park was not packed at all. Lines were very short and I was able to spot Steven even if he was way up there. 

Summer fun

Today I found out that my 8 years old is fearless and I simply cannot get over it. He asked if he can get on the slides even if it was by himself and being that the lines were not long I agreed. What we did was that I walked him over to the entrance and stood near by where I was able to see him once it was his turn. Then when he turn came around I would move toward the exit area and wait for him. In the mean time I would chase AJ around because he would not stay still and he wanted to have a turn line Steven. He kept asking me "I go next mom? Is my turn now". So adorable!. Once Steven started to come down the slide we cheered him on and AJ would say "yayyy! You did it Pollo you did it". It was the cutest thing! Steven was able to get on two slides then we did the reptide river. Steven got on the tube by himself and I got on with AJ. It was funny that AJ didn't like the water falls and screamed his loudest each time we got neared one yet he wanted to get on a tube by himself. After that Steven did a couple more slides and after we did the kids lagoon pool. A great place for AJ to enjoy himself and fun enough for Steven as well. We stood there for about an hour and then it was time to go. As we walked out Steven wanted to do one more slide. That was the scariest for me but he was all for it. I noticed all these kids a lot smaller than Steven and thought to myself "I have to let him do it if they're doing it. Crap!" And so he went.

Summer fun

And just like that I had survived my first amusement park outing with an 8 years old and a 2 years old. Both requiring to be in different parts of the park in order to enjoy themselves. I did it! I didn't yell. I didn't get mad or frustrated. It was fun and relaxing, sorta. An outing with my boys. They did it. They both were on their best behavior and didn't drive mommy crazy. Is this normal? Will it always be like that? I doubt it. But one thing I know for sure is not to tackle this kind of outing on the weekend. I might come home hairless.

Summer fun

I'm so proud of us all. I know it may seem like this was nothing. Especially when I see other moms tackle more than two kids in many different atmosphere. But this was new to me, to us. No matter where I go there's always back up. The hubby, my mom, the inlaws or godparents. Someone is always there. Expect for today and we nailed it!!! I'm proud. I feel great.

Summer funSummer fun


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