Monday, June 15, 2015

Random Facts About Me

When I was 5 years old I felt down my grandmother's roof in the Dominican Republic. You're probably wondering what was a five year old doing on a roof but in DR there are no rules on where a child can play and her roof was "our chill spot" back then. It was only one story high but that was one hard fall. I ended up having a bowel incident with it and ended up being hospitalized for a couple of days. The only hospitalization I've had in my life besides giving birth. (knock on wood, I don't want to jinx it).

In middle school I remember not being able to say the word chocolate. I don't know what it was about that word but I could not say it. That's how it's written in the Spanish language so maybe that's why saying it in English always confused me. Weird I know, but I have it all down packed now. Chocolate :)

UntitledSix months after moving to the states back in 1996 (New Jersey) my mom had to move out of her sister's house and had to move in with a friend in NYC. Her work was in Jersey and so were our schools and being that she was alone with three kids she had the youngest being taken cared of by her friend in NYC and she would take a 30 mins train ride and 2 45mins bus rides to drop us off at school and get herself to work in NJ. Insane I know.The memories of those days remain embedded in my brain like the birth of my kids.

During my teen years I was involved in several fights with girls. My last fight at age 17 the girl stabbed me in the face with a knife right under my left eye requiring over 10 stitches internal and external. I also needed stitches on the side of my neck right below my left ear. Scariest experienced of my life, I could have lost my eye. There are some crazy people out there. Ever since that incident I have not been involved in any other fight. Do you blame me?  I avoid them at all cost, plus I'm older and mature now there's no need for cat fights. Not to mention I have a scar  that will hunt me for the rest of my life over something so stupid.

My ears are very very tiny. Almost abnormally tiny. Ok maybe not abnormally but they are tiny.

All throughout my school years girls did not like me "because of the way I walked". So childish but true believe it or not. How is it my fault that I was in modeling school as a little girl? The walk just stood with me since then. And honestly I never figured out what that walk was because I've always starred at girls while they walk and I feel that my walk is not much different. I would argue though that my posture is good. Back straight, chest out, chin up, head looking forward at all times. Maybe it was the whole hip moving side to side thing, who knows but it brought me problems upon problems with girls at school. It sucked.

So yes, I was in modeling school as a little girl. My aunt was a model and had a dream of running a modeling school. She started one up and always always took me with her an to her practices. She taught me things such as walking, sitting, and eating properly, etc. It became a dream for me too to be a model some day and my mom was thisclose of signing me up with an agency when we moved to PA but then she got scared after hearing horror stories and she never did. That dream then died when I got stabbed in the face which left me with a scar and then again after getting pregnant and welcoming the lovely stretch marks. 

I come from a big family. 12 aunts and uncle in my dad side each with no less than 3 kids each and 20+ from my mom side again each having 3+ kids each. That made me want to have a big family but wow having kids is not as easy as they make it seem. Raising them to what one believes to be the right way is no walk in the park and lets not talk about the financial expense. If I was wealthy and able to stay home to raise my children until they are able to care for themselves I would at least have 6 of them but I guess I'll have to change that want by half. I don't know if the hubby would feel the same though. He says he's good with his boys ;)

This last one is more of a confession then a fact but after reading Jess's post from Little Baby Garvin about losing her patience with her children sometimes I felt relief not to be the only one. Of course that I'm not the only one feeling that way but when everyone makes parenting seem like a piece of cake you become self conscious about the way you are doing things and handling certain situations. Is nice to read for myself that there are others out there that can relate to me. A picture, or in this case a blog post only tells a day in the life not the life as the whole and we all have our moments.


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