Thursday, March 24, 2016

Adrían at 3 years old!


My sweet Adrián. I am both, excited and in disbelief that you are three years old. I mean, where has the time gone? You went from starting daycare and talking jibarish last January to starting preschool and talking like a grown little man this January. You are the sweetest most loving child I know. But now that I'm thinking about it you take after your brother because he was just like that at your age, except that you are more affectionate than he was. You enjoy expressing love at every opportunity by always wanting to give hugs, kisses, and saying that you love us. You love everyone and I love that about you. 

You are so innocent and well mannered. Every day you cease to amaze me with you awesome personality. I love that you know when an apology is due and don't let pride take over. I know that you are still too young to understand how pride can affect relationships and often times you need the time alone to come to your own conclusion that you must apologize but you do and that's what's important. Seeing you going to anyone to offer an apology brings me so much joy. On those days I stop and say to myself "I might not have motheredhood mastered but I must be doing something right :)". You are the same way when expressing love as well. You say things like, "I love you mom, I love you so much. Let me give you a kiss." Or you'll say "you're the best mom, mom!" Man those words, those words are one of the many reasons I love motherhood and I am so lucky to have kids like you and your brother that praise us at every opportunity and make your daddy and I feel like we have this parenting thing down packed.



To be fair though I have to say that you have your moments. There are days that you are so stubborn (like your daddy) and want nothing to do with discipline. You try testing us to see how far you'll get but then you start to laugh and say, "I just kidding, I love you". You are too smart for your own good. You do have tantrums but they are nothing like the ones you had right around your birthday and let's just say that I was worried for what age three was bringing us.

You are still a picky eater but you have been open to trying more things. For example you are liking chicken as a whole instead of just chicken wings. Your favorite foods right now are rice and chicken, mac and cheese, soup, bananas and anything containing chocolate such as chocolate chip or nutella pancakes. You are a chocolate lover my child and I blame your daddy. He's always bringing home some sort of chocalate for you. You love eggs and sandwhiches, and lets not forget cereal. You can eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if we let you. If I had to chose I'd say breakfast is your favorite meal of the day, anything between muffins and waffles are ok in your book. You are open to trying new things but it all depends on the day. Overall you get just enough nutrients to allow for growth. You are officially sitting on the big table with us for meals, no more high chair. You like to feed yourself and have your own cup just like the rest of us and we can't no longer fool you with sippy cups. We only give them to you to avoid messes but you don't care much for them anymore.

You were moved to the preschool room after your birthday and your transition was phenomenal. I was told by one of your teachers that you made friends with the kids you did not know fairly quick and without any hesitation. You seem to be more aware of your feelings and emotions as well as of others responding to them approprietaly and I'm sure that you have learned that there. You have mastered your colors and shapes, can recognize some not all numbers and letters but can count up to 20 and recite your ABCs with no problem. Just recently you learned the pledge of alligance and boy has that been a treat to have you say it over and over again. I love how excited you get when we ask you to say it for us. You are still taking a nap a day which lasts anywhere between 2-4 hours. Unfortunatelly you will no longer be going to this daycare facility and I'm so sad about it. I love it there just as much as you do including all the staff. This has been a great experience for all of us but it is time to move on. You will be home for the spring and summer seasons with grandma and will be starting preschool again with the new school year.


You and your brother have the best relationship and although he is growing up way too fast I love how much he cares and worries about you. He was very concerned about your upcoming surgery and even cried a little wishing that he could take your place. You defend him when he gets in trouble and have told me on various occassion "don't laugh at my brother, he's not going to his room, and he's not going to time out because he's my brother and I love him and he loves me". It makes me laugh out loud because you have no idea what is going on yet you butt in trying to defend him from whatever is going on. He does the same for you, always questioning why you are on time out or why are you crying. You both request to have sleepovers in his room and mostly always you get away with it. I figure that this won't last forever so why say no. Plus, what do we gain with saying no anyways? You both have your own rooms and sleep in them just fine when there's a need for it. He reads to you every night you sleep with him and I have a feeling that that is why you love sleeping with him so much. Besides loving him because he is your brother of course.

Now you two definitely have your moments of war. When is not you trying to take away his things or be with him at all hours of the day even when he's in a bad mood is him wanting his privacy and getting upset because you get away with way too many things. Yes we admit that sometimes our only excuse is that "you are young and don't know better" but it's the truth. You my child are at an age where you can still get away with things due to said age and he doesn't understand it even though we explain to him that it was the same way for him when he was your age. Alas, you both get over it and continue to love and defend each other which is more than what I can ask for.


You are officially potty trained! I should add that you even wipe your own butt! On a quick note I want to add that you are obssesed with saying butt and using it in every sentence. I have no idea when or how that started but everyday I try to break that habit with no success. You go to the bathroom without being told to or asked and I'm proud to say that we can go places and on trips without having to bring diapers or extra clothes but of course that we do as an "just in case an accident happens" but for the most part you have mastered this hump and don't really need the extra clothes. You do have accidents while napping and overnight but is not an everyday kind of thing. If you have a drink before bed chances are you will wet the bed but some days even when you don't have a drink you still have accidents and we can't really fix that. The pediatrician doesn't seem to be concern right now especially because you are still at the window where "you should be working on being potty trained but are not expected to be at your age" so I guess we will reevaluate this issue by your next birthday if it still persist.

You speak so well for your age Adrian. Somedays I'm left speechless with the way you answer questions and with how much you truly understand. I guess that I still see you as this little human that is just learning about life when in reality you are a little human who knows a lot more than what I give you credit for. You know right from wrong most times and you know that you shouldn't say certain bad words yet you know how to use them at just the right time. Your comprehension is a lot higher than what I like to admit and that leaves me wondering where has the time gone? Where is that little curly hair boy that laid in my chest while I rocked him to sleep? I don't remember the last time I rocked you to sleep and that makes me sad. Speaking of curly hair, your hair almost reaches your booty buddy. It has grown so much the last year and a half and it has this awesome light brown reddish color to it. I love it! When out in public people have to comment on your hair and you just have to tell them all about you piggy dinky who saves your money. Oh my child you are sure the character, I look forward seeing you grow and develop into the loving, caring, and funny young man that I'm sure you will be.


You dislike everything that has to do with discipline and doesn't let you have your way. I think that you are right on track with other three years old. You still love balls and cars/monster trucks, playing on the iPad, jumping from one side of the couch to the other, playing videogames with your brother, and pretend playing. More often than not we will find you pretend playing in your room with your toys all by yourself. You are a big tv watcher, from Mickey Mouse to PJ Mask you love them all. Keeping you entertained it's so easy. Now that the warmer weather is coming I'm sure you will be outside a lot riding your car and tricycle. Three is such a fun age!

AJ, you are such a pleasure to have as a son. You light up our world with your smile and make it go round with your laughter. You can be so silly at times and are always wearing a smile on your face. I cannot get over how caring you are. I hope you never lose that trait, better yet that it doesn't cause you heartaches in the future. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that we love you to the moon and back and that God could not have blessed us more with a son and brother like you. I look forward to raising you and loving you my child. 

May God forever bless you and keep you.



A little inspiration from other bloggers led me to do an interview of you. I will forever cherish these moments, specially your little voice :)


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