Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Word of the year: Faith

That's the word that I decide on as my word for 2016. 

Why? well because I feel that I need to grow in my Faith. I have it, of that I am sure, but the degree of faith that I have is not what I should have or what I would like to have. So the plan this year is to exercise my faith in any and every circumstance. Last year my word was Grace and by being aware of the many times God's grace fell upon me even when I felt the did not deserve it I found myself to be happier, to understand certain situations better, and to be thankful for the not so good days since they help me appreciate those that were good.

I'd never heard of word of the year before and last year after seeing this go viral in the blogsphere I decided to give it a try. I wasn't sure where to begin or how to choose my word but interestingly enough I didn't have to do much research. The word sort of chose me :) as it did this year too. 

After the past couple of weeks I'm even more convinced that this is the word I should hold on tight to for the months ahead. Good things are happening with many more to come and only with an increase in faith will I understand and appreciate them. 

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