Tuesday, March 8, 2016


There's not much to report this week.

Kitchen Reno

Official demo started in the kitchen this week. It has been a slow process being that the cabinets will not be in till the 14th. Jamil told us that he would work slow till closer to the date and slowly he has worked.


 Wednesday was hat day for AJ at daycare and he requested I joined him in wearing a hat. I did so in the morning to drop him off and then took it off once I arrived at work. It reminded me of hat day last year at work for Nurse's week and of how much I love wearing hats. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather :)


Thursday was such a lazy day. I mean there was plenty to do. I had school work, laundry to do, lots of cleaning and organizing, and I really wanted to get started on our basement but I had no energy to do anything so I sat down on the couch and watch Fuller House with Lito till it was time to leave for his appointment. He had a cavity filled and a "baby root canal", Ouch! From there we picked up AJ and drove to the Peds Urologist who recommended AJ get surgery to repair the hydrocele.


Friday I did a bit of shopping with AJ to forget about the mess that my home was turning out to look like. And over the weekend I worked. I went to bed fairly early both days and had very weird days at work. Saturday I got floated to another unit which was very overwhelming but I made it through and then I was placed on a 1:1 for 4 hours which was kind of ok. Sunday was better but I couldn't wait for the day to end. Four out of my 8 patients were confused, like Sundowner-Dementia-Alzheimer confused and by the end of my 12 hour shift I was probably just as confused as they were. Obviously that was a joke but lets note that it was a very long shift. Other than that I am thankful and feel amazingly blessed to live the life that I have :) Thank You Jesus!

On another note, have I mentioned how much I love snapchat? Well I do. And it's a lot!


Happy Tuesday.

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