Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Steven's 21 Questions - 5 y/o

Last week as I was searching through Pinterest I stumble across this awesome idea. I followed the link that lead me to that blog and read more about it. I found it to be so cute and something that would be so much fun to take out in a few years, about 10 or so, to remember and laugh at the answers.

It's funny because after my first parent-teacher conference a few weeks ago I decided to start a scrapbook for my beloved son. I have a baby album started for him that I have yet to finish but I'll get to it soon. This new scrapbook will start at age 5 and it will include pictures of him doing his favorite things, trips we take, holidays, birthdays, school events, etc. I will also include certificates and awards he gets, his first letter to Santa, report cards, notes/letters of things such as how my first parent-teacher conference went, when his first tooth fell out-which will be very very soon, funny things he says, and things that I think will be worth adding that makes him who he is.

My son is such a character. Everyone who meets him cant never get enough of him. He will have you peeing your pants by the time you have to leave. I'm kind of glad that he takes after his father in that department because I am not like that at all. I'm so shy that when I go to a new house unless I'm told to sit I will not sit down. Lol. I don't know why but that's how I am.

So yea. I wrote down those questions in MS word and saved it. Most of the questions I got from the blog stated above but I switched and added a few of my own. Every year I'll print out the questions in a different color and have him answer them. I'll write them in for him of course until he's able to do so himself. Then I'll add them to his scrapbook to mark the beginning of a new year with a birthday picture and his measurements at that time. I'm so excited for this! Once I have the album started and ready for pictures I'll do a follow up to this post and share with you all how is coming out. In the meantime check out Steven's answers to the 21 Questions at 5 years old. :D

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