Saturday, May 9, 2015

Life Lately

 I'm on week four of being on my own in my current position as a TP (did I ever mentioned that my current position is a technical partner aka nurse assistant? Yea, that's what I do. That means I do the nurses' dirty job hahaha) and to be quite honest I love it. I  have learned so much from this job and now I am more convinced than ever that nursing is for me. I love caring for the sick. The only thing that worries me is not being able to be as involved with my patient's care. That's one thing I've noticed a lot. Nurses today do a lot of passing meds and charting. I mean, yes it is still considered patient care and they still get to do wound care and dressing changes, among many more things I've failed to included on this post, yet I feel that being in a medical/surgical floor is not for me. I'll do it for the experience for a couple of years but I want to do more, I want to care for patients in a more personal level. I'm confident that when I go through my nursing rotations I'll find my "true calling" as many have said in the past but for now I'm going to enjoy what I do. One of my favorite things to do besides hearing about the patients younger days is drawing blood. Is funny to me how now I find myself analyzing people's arm and thinking which vein Iwould like to poke lol. Weird I know but true.

oh school, my love and hate relationship. Actually, I just finished my spring semester at DSU and next on the list is nursing clinical, if I get accepted into the program. This last class was not hard, however the reading assignments from the books were Boring! but I did pass the class with the grade I expected. Program starts in August and students should be let know by June if they got accepted. Whether that's truly what will happen I can't say but as long as I get in I don't mind waiting till the week before. There are so many emotions going through my head when I think of this, is nerve-wracking. It seriously makes me sick to my stomach.



So many projects going on right now. Two weekends ago we painted the living/dining room area. When we first moved in we (and by we I mean I) picked a very dark color. It looked nice and warm in the store but I failed to overlook the fact that we didn't have many windows in that area of the house which didn't bring in much natural light. With that said, we also added dark with a red tint floating floors and the house just looks orange from side to side. In the fall it looks great with the weather outside but year round... well it's way too dark. After three years of dealing with it I finally convinced the hubby that this color had to go. He agreed and I jumped on it. I had my doubts when picking the color mostly from feeling overwhelmed with all the options. How do they get so many similar yet different shades of one color? I was terrify of what it was going to look like. I had a vision in my head but I couldn't figure out how to make that vision a reality. We were definitely going light, however the actual color or and shade was the issue.  If it ain't obvious, I am not decorating guru. I can bearly dress myself fashionably. Husband would agree. After much going back and forth we decided on doing a two-tone design with white chair rails. For the bottom we went with Soothing Celadon from Behr but once we opened the can it was wait too light to match it to the top which is Oriental Silk also from Behr. I called our Home depot store and without an issue I was told to bring it back in and they would make it darker or replace it. Once in the store I showed them the color Aqua Smoke and told them I wanted it just a tad bit lighter than that. The guy helping me calculated something in the computer to add to the original formula and mixed the can of paint I brought in and voila, my color was created. I was still a little worried but you could definitely tell that the new formula was a lot darker than the original. Once on the wall next to the top color it looked great. Now with the rail added on I feel like I'm in a brand new home.The mood now is so different and even with the lack of windows the house feels a lot lighter. I have no regrets, for now. I do feel though that the chair rail is a little high but it doesn't bother me too much. Honestly if it wasn't for my step-father in-law saying something about it I would have probably not given it any thought.



I fall in love with this role more and more each day. My boys have been such a blessing. Their relationship, their similarity, their diferences, it's all so much fun. Just this past thursday I came accross a picture of AJ when he was about 10 months old. My baby has the same face and so much baby fat. His little four teeth, the smile, the crunching eyes, is baby heaven. After that I decided to look for pictures of Steven at AJ's age now and OMG how fast time passes. I remember him being tiny and so much fun at AJ's age. I had to compare a picture of him at 2 years old and now at almost nine. My big boy has grown so much. Of course that I couldn't stop there. I continued with the side by side comparison of them and my oh my what a treat. It gave me baby fever so bad! These two are my life. Is funny how pre-kids you can't picture life as mom and post-kids you can't picture life childless. Don't get me wrong there are challenging moments, fights between them, the tantrums and misbehavior, and the diciplining but I wouldn't change being a mother for nothing. I look forward to the years ahead and the future children to came ;)

My first love, my biggest challenger. 


The sweetest kid I know and also the most stubborn, he definitely takes after his father (I feel De Javu happening here). It amazes me to realize that I have a child who's nearing the teen years. Lord have mercy on me. From liking to sleep in late to the messy room he's definitely in the pre teens right? It freaks me out to even think about it. 


It's baseball season! We started our fourth year of baseball with Steven and so far we've had 5 games and we've won each one. On our last game on thursday Steven left everyone with their jaws on the floor. I've mentioned before that my child is all size. He plays the sport because we encourage him and sign him up for it to keep him active. He has his days but most days he's just not that into it. He has the body, strength, and booty for baseball but from what we notice it's simply not his thing. However that day that kid hit that baseball every time he stood up to bat. The first time he hit it so far out he brought three kids home. We joked that he likes the fast balls and it was such a rush for everyone, especially because we were not expecting it. When we heard the sound of that bat hit that ball and throw it all the way in the outfield I felt like the proudest Mama there. Today he asked if he could pitch the ball and his dad practice pitching with him for about an hour. Let me just say that my child is a fast learner. He has never pitched a ball and today on his first try he strikes out the first three kids who got up to bat. That was one quick inning. Of course that we didn't catch it on camara or video but I'll be ready next time. I won't be able to make it to every game but I'm looking forward to this season. Hopefully after the rush, the praising, and the good feeling he gets he starts to get into the game a bit more and starts to get more serious about it. My kid has talent! :)

He's also in the orchestra at school and plays the viola. He likes it a lot and has gotten pretty good in just 4 short months. He had his first concert in March which I meant to blog about but didn't get the chance to and last Saturday he had another one. This concert was a big deal. Kids from all over the eastern region come to town. On Friday he left school early to go to Symphony Hall which is where everyone was meeting at. They served dinner for the kids and had practiced till 10pm. Then the next day they had to report back to Symphony Hall by 830am. They fed them again and they had more practice all day before the concert at 330pm. I was so bumed that I had to miss it but the husband was able to record some parts for me to watch at home. The concert inter lapped with the game but hubby was able to pull it off and get him to both. He loves playing the viola and reading the notes so much that I really want to encorage him to continue with it as long as possible. He doesn't see it how I do but just watching how into it he is when he's home makes my heart sing. My son reads and plays music, like actual music notes! Just last semester I took a music requirement class for my nursing degree (because you know, I'll have to play/sing for my future patients lol) and got nothing out of it. I blame the age but that is such an amazing skill to have and I'm glad My son has gotten the opportunity to learn this skill. Ok so proud momma rambling here, I'll stop now. I'll let you know how it goes :)


This child of my mine has grown so much physically and mentally. He's talking so much better. He can have actual conversations with turn taking, he can partially undress himself (wer're still working on shirts), and I think he's ready to start the potty training process too. His manners are well stablished. He sleeps through the night as is expected at his age and gives me no issues when putting him to bed. He's still obsess with Mickey Mouse although recently he's been into Goofy and Pluto a lot more. Daycare is going well for him and us. He attended his first birthday party from one of the kids at daycare and had a great time. The party was a zoo party. He loves being outside, hello summer weather. I forsee many park outings. He can recognize and imitate at least twenty animals and their sounds. We're still working on letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, but he knows a large variety of these. He loves to sing and pretend play. He still loves his balls and lately has been into playing video games with his brother. I doubt he actually plays but his imagination goes wild. Riding his tricycle is also up high on his list of favorites. 

The no heat challenge was a big fail. I made it about 5 weeks and then I gave up. I don't like my hair being so short. I decided to just go with the flow and let my hair grow at its own pace. 

Today we attended Steven's brother gender reveal party. Her family wanted a boy and his mom wanted a girl. I honestly thought it was a girl too but was really hoping for a boy and what do you know, a boy it is. That is the 4th grandchild and the 4th boy. Steven's mom was not happy but is better this way. She deserves a granddaughter but it should come from her own daughter or me ;). This is getting interesting, who will have the first girl in the P family?


The biggest fight of the century was last Saturday night. Mayweather vs Pachiao. I've mention here before about my love and hate relationship with boxing and honestly was going to be very dissapointed if the fight did not meet all the hype about it. I mean this is The Fight everyone's been waiting for, they both better put on a big show. I was able to convince the husband to order the fight at home so that I can watch it too since that was my weekend to work but by round 10 I was passed out on the couch. As expected Mayweather won. I was going for Pachiao but my money was on Mayweather. He did what he does in every fight run around the ring and land a few punches. Many would say he's a smart fighter because he doesn't allow the opposite fighter to land punches on him and isn't that what boxing is all about anyways? Still his fights are not exciting, always the same show and never a good one. That's just my personal opinion.

That's all for now. I have a few post to post this month lets hope I take out the time to post them. 



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