Tuesday, March 31, 2015

First he's sour then he's sweet...

He's AJ, my sour patch kid!

UntitledIt amazes me to see the type of personality you're developing. You are such a happy toddler, most times. Unless is after a nap then you really are a crabby toddler. Other then that you are sweet as a peach if you're in a good mood which you mostly are. 

I've notice though that you are going to be the little troublemaker of the family. There are times that you are playing all alone with your toys and suddenly you stop and walk up to one of us, meaning daddy, brother, or myself, and you pinch us or hit us for no reason at all. Simply because you felt like it. Then you look at us with this mean look like "yea I just did that, what are you going to do about it" and then right out of nowhere you walk back up and kiss us. Umm ok?! 

It makes me laugh because I wonder what's really going on in that little brain of yours. What are you thinking? What makes you pick on us then kiss us or rub your hands on the same spot you pinched and say "I Sowy" with that adorable voice of yours. I remember the days when you were in my belly and I would wonder what your voice would sound like. Well honey not in a million years would I have guessed and you know what, it is the best sound in the world. Music to my heard you could even say. I can't never get enough of it. Unless you're telling me NO which has been happening more often then not, especially when you don't want to do what you are told.  

You are so different compare to how your brother was at this age. Many times I wish I would have started blogging when your brother was small like you so that I could compare your similarities and differences over your ages. Still, I'm able to tell that you're more outgoing then he is. Well outspoken might fit better if you were talking more. Is amazing how different you two can be yet also so similar. I have the best of both worlds enjoying these phases of your life. I feel truly blessed to have you and Steven as my sons. 

I love you my sour patch kid! 


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