Sunday, March 29, 2015

When in a funk go to church

For the past couple of weeks I've felt so drained. There is so much going on. In just a couple of months the nursing program that I applied for sends out their acceptance letters and there I will be told if I'm officially in the nursing program. Sometime in April I also have to take a test required by the university which confirms my efficiency in the English language. Kind of stupid if you asked me since I've been in the States in 1996 and I've been taking classes at the college level for so long now but since I was not "born" in the States it doesn't matter. It gets even more frustrating because I have to pay almost $200 for the freaging test. SMH. On top of that my current class which is Democracy in America is my last class before nursing clinical and nursing classes and for the life of me I cannot get into this class. As interesting as it is it is also the most boring class I have ever had.  At work I'm in week ten of my training which means I have two more weeks until I'm left out on my own to care for 8-12 (rarely 12) patients. Exciting yet nerve-wrecking.

Their is so much stress lingering in the home which is affecting all of us. The kids are just being boys –to put it in a nice way which is just making parenting a little bit more challenging than normal. For the cherry on top I can't stop eating. I eat anything that crosses my way and that makes me sad because I was doing so good to with my portions and my healthy clean eating. For the record I've discovered that I am indeed a stress eater.

I can't complaining about my cleaning however. I have went through almost every single closet in the house from the third floor all the way down to the bottom floor. I've went through almost every drawer in the house and took out so many clothes that I don't wear as well as the kids clothes and plan on donating them.  The only place I have left is the basement and that's a place I'm kind of terrified to go in to. Oh and the playroom let's not forget the playroom. I started this lovely project back in January. I have all my letters for my alphabet wall, my black chalkboard wall paint for another wall, I have cleaned out the toy box and took out toys with missing pieces or toys that are no longer being used. As I went through them I realized how old are some of the toys we have. Some are as old as Steven since we've had them since he was a baby and now they are AJ's favorite toys (Example, the Handy Manny tool set. AJ loves this set and swear he an fix just about anything in the house). I have pretty much everything needed to set up the playroom and I just can't go in that room. Every time I step foot in that room I become overwhelmed. I don't know where to start.

With so much going on I figured I need some Jesus in my life. Last Wednesday, being in a funk and all, I left to go to the Bible Study class our church has every week hoping that the class will help me get a little bit out of this funk I am in and make me see the beauty of life. Today I was able to make it to their service and boy am I glad I went. The stress factors did not go away but now I feel refreshed. I'm ready to tackle the coming week in all it's glory.

Note to self: When in a funk, go to church :)

Happy Sunday!


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