Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello March: Things that make me happy

A dear friend tagged me over on Instagram to share with her and everyone else the things that makes me happy. As I thought about it I only came up with a handful of things but when I wrote them down the list seemed to be endless. 

This current list is of things that have made me happy lately. Hopefully I will remember to write a few of these posts over the course of the year. 

1. Weekend morning talks with my other half while the boys are asleep.
2. Being a mom. Nothing can compare.  
3. Brotherly love. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my two boys playing and laughing together. 
4. Being able to offer care to those truly in need. 
5. Curly hair. 
6. Coffee in the morning.  
7. Knee length boots. They keep me warm. 
8. Leggings under my scrubs. Best feeling ever as I walk what seems like a mile to the entrance on windy mornings. 
9. Making new friends. Better yet, smart friends that without knowing push me to thrive higher. 
10. AJs love for "coffee" (hot chocolate) and his sweet voice as he speaks more and more with each passing day. 
11. Steven letting go of his shyness to protect his little brother from other kids. 
12. Stepping out of my comfort zone and not caring what others might think. #ismylifeafterall
13.  Selfies! 
14. Napping boys. #quietness! 
15.  Documenting my life via words and pictures. I should really do it more often. 
16. My birthday month! T-15

What things make you happy? 


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