Sunday, February 15, 2015

No Heat Challenge Part 2

Back in February 2014 I embarked in a no heat hair journey mainly to transition from my relaxed hair of over 10 years to my natural hair texture/pattern. Which just so happened to be curly, yes! You have no idea how badly I wanted curly hair in my teen years.

IMG_2667Over the year, 2014 that is, I cut off pretty much all of my hair gradually. 3 inches here, 2 inches there and so on. I did a total of 4 hair cuts and by September I was relaxed hair free. I finally had the hair I always wanted except that now my hair was extremely short and hard to style. It was growing but being that I have curly hair you couldn't tell much growth had occur. Later in the year I started to blow dry and flat iron my hair on a weekly basis and over the course of a couple of months I was suffering of heat damage. It got to be very noticeable too since it was all in the roots and bangs. I could no longer do "wash and go" and let's face it, with my schedule I have no time to style daily. And so I kept ironing which only made it worse. 

The past several weeks I've been thinking about summer and how nice it'll be to wear my hair curly. Well this heat damage will not allow me to and that has led me to embark in yet another hair journey. This time my goal is to try and fix my heat damage. At least enough to wear my hair curly over the summer. To get where I want my hair to be by summer I'm planning on doing deep conditioning regularly as well as other hair treatments such as hot oil and protein. I hope I can be strong enough not to use heat and become savvy in doing protective styles and twist/braid outs since that worked well for me last year. The problem with that is that it's very time consuming and my time is precious with school, training and two young boys (the hubby can pretty much take care of himself right?)

So stay tune and follow me on yet another journey (I've been saying that a lot haven't I?)


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