Wednesday, July 31, 2013

52 WOBWAP: 5 Years from Now

Five years from now I'll be 31. It'll be the beginning of what I hope will be another amazing decade. 

I hope to be completely done with school and have my career started. No matter what that career is by then. 

I hope to have my third and final child. Or my twins ;) 

I hope to be more in love with my husband and vice versa. To be living the happy marriage I had envision. Or at least something similar. To have had continued with our weekly date nights and that we dedicate time to just us and our marriage. 

I hope to be in our dream house or the very least in the one before our dream home. 

I hope to have traveled to Europe or be getting ready to do so. 

My boys will be 12 and 5. Holy mother! In just 5 short years we'll be saying goodbye to the childhood and welcoming the teenage years. Yea, I don't want to think that far ahead just yet. 

I hope my family is in great health and content with we're we are and who we are. 

I hope to be debt free. 

I hope I've learned from my mistakes and that I'll be a better person. Better wife. Better mother. Better daughter. Better sister. Better cousin. Better friend. 

I hope that no matter what destiny has prepared for me that I do not lose myself and that I'm still the same good hearted girl I am today. That I put my family first and cater to their every need. 

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  1. I love these dreams and hopes! Great post, I hope to be in a similar place as well by then. :)